How to Use Suncream for Effective Results

How to Use Sunscream for Effective Results– If you think that you think that you need to apply suncream only when you are laying out on the beach then you are wrong. Even the 5 or 10 minutes in direct sun can harm your skin. Therefore, the dermatologists suggest using sunscreen whenever you head out in the sun. To get the maximum results of your suncream it is important for you to know how to use sunscreen for effective results properly. Read more

Beauty Benefits of Beer

Beauty Benefits of Beer– Beer might be your source of enjoyment in the party or with your friends. But there are certain things you do not know about the beer. This booze is more than just an alcoholic drink. Do you know that the beer has several beauty benefits and they are tremendous? Well in this article we will about the beauty benefits of the beer. There are the number of ways by which you can use the beer for getting beautiful skin. Read more

How Tea Tree Oil Helps in Treating Acne

How Tea Tree Oil Helps in Treating Acne– Your face is your identity and your skin reflects your lifestyle. The most common problem through which millions of people go through is acne. They can appear anytime and could spoil your plan. If you are one who is suffering from acne then I am sure you are not a big fan of the products available in the market because of harsh chemicals present in them. In this case, one should definitely turn to nature. One outstanding remedy which nature has provided us for acne problem is Tea Tree oil. If you know How tea tree oil helps in treating acne than half of your problem is solved.  Read more

How to Use Body Lotion Effectively

How to Use Body Lotion Effectively– We often neglect the body skin and pay all the attention towards our face. This is where we go wrong. Body skin is not as delicate as face but it also needs good care. You might be using the best body lotion but if you do not know how to use body lotion effectively for the best results than it is waste of money. There are several things which are needed to be taken care of while using the body lotion. Read more

How to Use Hand & Nail Cream Properly

How to Use Hand & Nail Cream Properly– Have you nails gone brittle? or your hands dry or rough? If yes then its time to take some action. Hands are essential body part and contribute a lot in every work. Hence, they deserve special care and attention. There are several creams available for hands nad nails in the market. All the big brands come with with cream. You can get the variety of creams from the market but if you do not know how to use hands and nails cream properly then its only a waste of money.  Read more

Ayurvedic remedies for facial hairs

Ayurvedic remedies for facial hairs– Unwanted facial hair is a cause of worry for any women in the whole world. Every woman wants to get rid of facial hair at any cost. Therefore, you go through all those painful waxing sessions, plucking of hair sessions and a lot more to get hairless face. Some do not mind to spend a good amount of money to get away with it by having laser treatment. You do not need you spend this much money on it now we have for you the effective Ayurvedic remedies for facial hairs removal. Read more

Best Lipstick Brands In India

Best Lipstick Brands in India– As they say ‘lips without lipstick are the cake without frosting’ , lipstick just add more charm to one’s looks. Lipsticks may not solve your problems but it’s definitely a good start. It is surely a vital part of every women’s makeup kit. Lipstick adds more charm to the personality of an individual. For most of girls, a swap to lipstick and little kajal do all about the makeup. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to out best lipstick on our lips. Read more

Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face

Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face– Dark sports, marks and scares are the worst nightmare of every girl. These marks on face make many embarrass to interact with people. Face is the most noticeable part of our body. You face is your identity therefore, one cannot afford to have nay dark spots or dark patches on it. If you are have pimple marks, dark patches or marks on your skin then this article could help you really well. We have for you the Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face, this will help you in reducing those marks on your skin.  Read more

Herbal Remedies to Remove Pimples

Herbal Remedies to Remove Pimples– Your skin is the best thing you wear. Therefore, it becomes very important for everyone to keep it healthy. The skin over the face is the most sensitive than any other skin on the body part. You should be extra conscious and caring towards your face. Pimples or acne are the most common skin problem and annoying too. You might weight for puberty to get over for clear skin but not everyone gets clear skin even after puberty. If you are among those, we have for you the best herbal remedies to remove pimples. Read more

Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Acne Marks

Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Acne Marks–  Clear, spotless and markless skin is every girl’s dream. But it is not easy to get one especially when you had pimples. People try a lot of expensive cosmetics and treatment which have several side effects. Not everyone could go fo expensive treatment for acne marks, therefore we have bought for the effective ayurvedic remedies to treat acne marks. These remedies are pocket-friendly and definitely show some good results. Read more