Basic Beauty Tips for Brighter Face


Basic Beauty Tips for Brighter Face– Beauty is a thing of joy forever! This line seems to be dramatic but cannot deny the fact that it is true. Everyone wishes a skin which is beautiful and great to feel about. Just like Katrina Kaif or Kim Kardashian or Beckham etc we adore them all and envy of the beauty they own. The world is a bit of hazel which is full of dirt, pollution and stress which makes the face dull, unattractive and prone to awful breakouts which can give rise to acne, pimples, breakouts & blackheads which are the common issues to face.

Environment and things are changing every day and now that the monsoon is at its peak, it is the dirtiest weather for the skin which makes your skin bad. No matter what weather you are, your skin acts differently but to get that glow on the face even in this dull season, we have some basic beauty tips for a brighter face which will make your skin brighter and glowing just like a cherry blossom. These tricks are some essential fundas which are useful for your skin to get that confident skin which you love.

Basic Beauty Tips for Brighter Face 

Going to home remedies or herbal remedies, allopathic or homeopathic, they all have solutions for getting rid of a solution but they do not assure if t will stay like this on no application. When precautions are better than cure, and then why not take precautions by imbibing some healthy basic beauty tips for bright face. Here are some best tips which are my personal favorite.

Combined Tips for Every Skin Type

face mappingFace Mapping

Face mapping has become very popular nowadays which is the best tool to know what your face skin wants to tell about you. Best used by for Cledermatologists to know the recurring reasons to why you are having pimples or issues in certain areas can be easily known by it. It marks 10 areas on the face & ever face has a different reason to go with for example if are experiencing breakouts and pimples mostly on cheeks, it is due to smoking and bacteria build up whereas nose means heart and blood issues & much more. Look for the chart to know more about your face mapping.

Drink Loads of Water Clear Skindrink more water

Our body is 70% water. Now if I tell you? The secret behind glowing skin of celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Ileana D’Cruz is water. They drink two glasses of water on empty stomach in the morning & keep them hydrated with water. Dehydration can cause a lot of problems which can be worse with time. Less water means less oxygen carrying power and accumulation of toxins in the body which invite problems and issues and worst nightmares for the face first. Make it mandatory to drink loads of water which is a basic beauty tip for brighter skin but not go insane after it, 2 glasses are enough for an hour or two.

cleanse regularyCleansing Regularly To Make Skin Bright

No one can get away with it, cleaning the face is very important for the skin to eliminate all the dust and impurities. Here are some tips which you can good basic beauty tips for a brighter face which are as follows.

  • Use face wash as per your skin type.
  • Oily skin should opt for gel based or mineral based whereas dry skin should go for cream based facewash.
  • Combination skin especially when it is sensitive should always go for all skin types and go organic which is natural based.
  • Use a mild cleanser for washing as they do not strip off the essential moisture from the skin.

No Touching The Face

Face is very delicate and can easily catch dust and dirt with oil secretion and sticky climate making it worse placed to have breakouts which make your skin dull and difficult to handle, so we give essential basic tips for beautiful bright face.

  • Restrict your hands from touching the face much.face wipe
  • Touching face constantly can cause bacteria and microbes to settle on the face causing the pores to block and raise new issues.
  • If you ever feel sweaty or irritation on the skin, never use your nails or hands even at the slightest weight instead go for a handkerchief or towel or cloth to gently pass it.
  • Keep face wipes for cleaning the face in such time which are hygienic for your face.

avoid chemicalsAvoid The Chemicals To Get A Bright Skin

Chemicals have a habit of making things look good from outside but making it weak from inside with time & avoiding them is a basic beauty tip to look for a brighter skin which is healthy and glowing. Using it less is the mantra to get a healthy and durable skin glow for your face.

  • Avoid materials which use more of parabens or silicon which can make skin issues worse with time.
  • Never us a product which has more of alcohol which is the basic form of paraben as it leads the skin to destruction.
  • If you think of testing in the skin, be careful as it can make you skin sensitive.

Go Green! Go Natural For Brighter Skin

I am one of those who have used heck lot of products for clearing up the skin when I was a teen myself and believe me I used top brands even ProActive but it did not work n the skin. It made my skin sensitive when I decided to go natural which is the basic beauty tip for brighter skin for everyone out there.go green, no chemicals

  • The face wash is not supportive? Mix 2tblsp of besan with a 1/4th spoon of turmeric and a little milk for oily & combination whereas curd for dry skin. Use it whenever you want to rinse.
  • Go for face packs which are homemade like fullers earth which is the best way to get our face bright. You can use it daily.
  • I always had a confusion about exfoliate brand, believe me, I had the best experience with Mitti Se which is a 100% organic product. Thus, go for a Fuller’s earth based product with natural ingredients which are good for daily use.
  • Use home remedies to solve issues for skin and avoid chemicals as a quick fix.mixed tips

Mixed Basic Beauty Hacks For A Brighter Skin

  • Use sunscreen whenever you out with minimum 15 SPF in winters and 30 SPF in summers with a broad spectrum.
  • Use a toner whenever you use a facewash or exfoliate as they make pores open and vulnerable
  • Keep your diet balanced with fruits and vegetable lined up. Avoid junk food and oily and sugary food with loads of calories.
  • Gently remove all the makeup before you take your beauty sleep.
  • Play a sport or do exercise or go gaga over yoga. They all have good benefits for a brighter skin.
  • Detox with fruit and vegetable delights daily.



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