Best Day Cream Brands in India

Best Day Cream Brands in India– Looking for good day creams? Modern life is pretty harsh on your skin with extreme sun rays, pollution, sweat & dirt working on your skin making it sensitive and problematic. Here a good skin cream shows its importance in our day-to-day life.  So below listed are the best day cream brands in India. All the below mentioned day cream in India are used in by girls for all types of skin types. So if you have dry skin problems or oily skin problems in summers. Then you can use below mentione different day cream brands available in India with usage tips.

Best Day Cream in India

A good day cream should have all the benefits a skin needs like it should have a good amount of SPF with UV Filters, protects and prevents the skin from damages and aging, keeps the skin look young, glowing & healthy as day’s routine turn our face dull and lifeless.

Thus, the cream should build a protective layer without making the skin greasy, sweaty or dull. Now we are going to showcase some the best day cream brands in India from the best-selling brands for the Indian beauties.

Top Day Cream Brands in India (2015-2016)

Search ends here for a good day cream brand available in India 2015 and 2016. Markets have top notching brands but then it’s always confusing to what to go with which product. We have top solutions for you.

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Day Cream

Best Day cream Brand in IndiaWild Ferns is listed in one of the most recommended cosmetic brands of World. Now Wild Ferns Manuka honey products are available in India. When it comes to top day cream brands in India then you can’t ignore this brand. Manuka honey day cream is a perfect blend of the ingredients which is considered best for a day cream. It is also suitable for all skin types. This brand now becomes fastest growing day cream brand in India of 2015 and 2016.

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Nivea crème:

Nivea crème is the top selling cream brand when it comes to day creams globally and one of the first creams to be introduced in India.
nivea creme

  • The products work best for dry skin to highly dry skin. It moisturises as well as locks the retention for long hours.
  • Being an effective product for results, it is budget friendly too. It has no side effects to skin and heals the cracked skin. Its regular application will bless the skin with softer and smoother finish. It is also a good night cream.

Himalaya Nourishing Skin cream:

Himalaya Herbals is a widely used product line in India. No wonder it is the top choice of millions. The Himalaya Nourishing Skin cream is one of the best all time day cream for all skin types especially the dry skin.

himalaya cream

  • It moisturises the skin without making it too greasy or dry on the skin.
  • Filled with herbal extracts like Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera, and Winter Cherry etc it comes at a very affordable price and packaging without harsh chemicals added to the tub. so, Himalaya Nourishing Skin cream also comes in the list of the best day cream brand in India.

Joy creams:

Joy Pure AloeJoy is an emerging brand which is best known using active fruit ingredients in its products. It is one the best day creams in India as it endows all the essential of a good cream should. All its creams contain a good amount SPF varying from 15 to 25 which is a must point to look. Made up of fruit extracts, it is safe for daily use and has no side effects on the skin. It nourishes the skin and protects the skin from sun exposure. It is best for all skin types even the combination skin can use without any doubt.

Lakme Complexion Care creams:

Lakme Complexion Care creamLakme CC creams is a daily day cream best known for the dual prospects it carries of being a sunscreen as well as a light foundation which claims to give instant stylish like skin. It comes with SPF 20 and a broad spectrum of UV rays. It can be used as a conceal cream, toner & sunscreen- all at one time which makes the product luring. A simple spread of this cream and you are done with your multiple routines of makeup. Lakme is surely one of the best day cream brand available in India.

Dove Silky Nourishment Body cream:

Dove Silky Nourishment Body cream

It is best known for its Deep Care Complex which makes it one of the top choices for many. It makes the skin silky soft. Dove Cream is a fine day cream product in India for dry skin as it nourishes & hydrates the skin with natural essential oils & skin nutrients.

Lacto Calamine:

Lacto CalamineLacto Calamine is one of the top day cream brands for Indian skin which was initially started to target oily skin and to an extent combination skin. It is easily available in the market and used largely to treat acne, pimple & breakouts. It acts as a protective layer, though appears like a medicinal foundation it lightens the skin tone as well heals the sun damages to great extend. People with dry skin and its combination can go for another packaging of it which is now made available in India also.

Olay Moisturizing cream:

Olay-creamOlay introduced this light moisturising cream which is suitable for all skin types at a much affordable price. It mixes evenly with the skin easily without making it too greasy or sticky or heavy. It can be used as a light makeup base. The packaging is good and handy to carry which makes it easily the top contender for the day cream.

Lotus Herbals Aloe Hydra Moisturizing Gel based cream:

Lotus Herbals Aloe Hydra Moisturizing Gel based cream

Enriched with Aloe Vera gel, it has all the benefits of Aloe vera working on your skin. It is best for oily and combination to oily skin and mostly suits all skin types. This is handy and economical to spend. Also claims to blend into the skin within a couple of minutes giving you a supple skin. This brand is an herbal based company and it is known for its best day cream in India which is a cream based on the gel.

Clean & Clear-Skin Balancing Oil Free Moisturizer cream:

Clean-and-Clear-for-SkinBrand of Johnson & Johnson, Clean & Clear is one of the best skin day cream due to its light weight formulation which is water based. Thus, it is best for oily skin and combination to oily skin because it does not feel greasy on the skin or makes the skin sweaty. The best part being that it doesn’t clog pores as it has comedogenic properties. The product is affordable and genuine. It is very gentle on the skin making it soft and non-greasy on the application.

Pond’s cream:

Pond’s creamPond’s is a popular choice when it comes to day cream brand in winter or people with highly dry skin issues. It is best for dry skin people who have a problem finding the right cream for the itchy & cracked skin problem. Trusted and widely used, it is the best day cream in India so far for dry skin as it blends quite well and moisturises for long hours before re-application. It heals the cracked skin and relieves itches due to it.


There are basically two types of cream in India i.e. day cream and night cream. Both have benefits in their own ways. Day creams are used mostly by people. So above listed are the best day cream in India. You can choose them according to your own skin types in order to get best effective results.

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