Best Face Mask Rotorua Mud with Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Choosing the right face mask as per your skin is really complicated nowadays. You always need a facemask which boosts your skin. Whether it be detoxifying, moisturizing, replenishing  face mask is a reliable way to get fast results. A face mask is a great way to add an extra element to your daily skin care routine to really get the results you want. Here we will talk about Rotorua Mud Face Mask with Cucumber & Aloe Vera.

Rotorua face mask is a re-invigorating, peel-able face mask containing unadulterated mineral rich with geothermal mud with Rotorua which is incredibly remedial, purifying and  detoxifying. It is mixed with Aloe Vera which has skin healing and soothing properties, which help the skin cells restoration process and Cucumber have a gentle astringent impact to refine the texture of your skin. This blend delicately enters the skin’s outer layers to drag away all the dead skin cells, pollution and impurities.  The result is revived and refreshed appearance of skin with elasticity and restored tone.


RMFM with cucumber and aloevera


  • Free of Paraben & SLS
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Enriched with exotic natural ingredients
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Deeply cleanses to remove impurities
  • Nourishes skin making it healthy and radiant

Where does Rotorua Mud come from?

It is made by North Island city of Rotorua in New Zealand. This dark mud contains helpful minerals like Zinc Silica and Aluminum that are basic to healing and repairing our damaged skin. It additionally has a sterile capacity and will help in freeing skin of skin inflammation and imperfection causing acne. As the warm mud dries, it lifts the pollution and greasy emissions from profound inside pores to the skin surface. This Face Mask, you can  simply peel off or wash these toxins of skin once the mask dries.

Cucumber and Aloe Vera  have also been added to upgrade the restoring properties of geothermal Rotorua mud. Aloe Vera applies an alleviating impact on skin and supports the mending and recharging procedure of skin cells. Cucumber is additionally comparatively useful for relieving the skin. It contains Caffeic acid and Vitamin C that helps in reducing skin swelling and irritation.

Rotorua Mud Face Mask With Cucumber and Aloe Vera is magnificent for use in regenerative skin care as it has an exceptionally quality of moisturizing skin. On drying this mud will create heat, enhancing the blood flow and sweat which help wipe out skin impurities. It effectively absorb skin oils and greasy discharges from inside the skin’s pores, purifies and detoxifies, as the mud dries, helps skin the recovery of new cells.

Sulfur, while a putrid mineral, is exceptionally useful and normally happening in Rotorua Mud as it goes about as an antibacterial operator aiding the aversion and end of skin break out and acne.

The Rotorua Mud Face Mask with Cucumber and Aloe Vera will help to resuscitate skin appearance and revive the skin tone and versatility. For typical to dry skin it should be used once every week. In case of oily skin it can benefit by a face mask twice a week.

Some further properties of Thermal Mud:

Clean: pulverizes pathogenic operators (a microbes or infection that is capable of causing illness) without assaulting contiguous solid tissue.

Healing: Aluminum, Silica and Zinc are for the most part fundamental to tissue recovery, scar anticipation and healing.

Retaining: Depletes off contaminations and ingests overabundance liquids.

Narcotic: Has a soothing activity on restricted torment.

Remineralising: Transmits essential mineral salts to living being for organic balance.

Rebalancing: Gives adequate mineral salts to improve the body’s regular invulnerable framework.

Ingredients: Rotorua mud, alcohol, Aqua (water), propylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, cucumber (cucumis sativus) extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol, triethanolamine, carbomer and parfum.

How to use: 

  • Apply to clean skin.
  • Smooth gently over the face avoiding the eye area.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes as the mask dries and draws out impurities.
  • It will tighten and turn a grey colour as it drives.
  • Remove mask (peel or rinse off) and follow with moisturiser.

face mask

Rotorua Mud face Mask with aloe vera and cucumber is the ultimate treatment for skin. These face packs contain irrefutably the most extreme substance of Rotorua’s geothermal mud in its most flawless structure and are upgraded with Active AAH650+ Manuka honey. The mud is rich and smooth and loaded with profoundly thought normal minerals to make it very remedial just as detoxifying, healing and decontaminating furthermore re-mineralizing. At the point when mixed with the incredible antibacterial and cancer prevention agent properties of Manuka honey, it attempts to profoundly rinse the skin and revamp the skin tone.





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