Best Face Scrub for Men in India

Best Face Scrub for Men in India– Looking for a good exfoliates for your skin? Want a manly product to do the thing for you? Discard the girly thought; face scrubs are as important for men as for women. The harsh environment which is full of dust and dirt makes the skin dull and full of breakouts. Being males comes with different thinking when it comes to skincare but in the end who doesn’t want a smooth and glowing skin? Are you confused which one to go for? We bring you best face scrub for men in India.

Many of the people do not know that even the human skin sheds its skin but the process is so slow that it is rarely seen by the human eye. When the old and damages skin cells are replaced the new cells are generated. As you grow older the skin sheds more and mostly they appear as wrinkles on the skin. These have to clear before they become deposition on the skin which can clog pores and come out blackhead, acnes and pimples etc. Even the men want a good glowing face.

In this blog, you will read about best face scrubs for men in India for the Indian skin. Now getting a vibrant and smooth skin is not a dream. If you are worried about the stylish beard or moustache that you have earned then no need to worry. It would not affect it. These scrub brands are well known for its good exfoliating and cleansing powder without disturbing the hair follicles.

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Tips For Selecting The Correct Facial Scrub

We bring you some of the important tips on choosing a good scrub for your skin. The skin is independent of its types. It is of three types which are Oily skin, dry skin and combination skin types. The fourth one can be a characteristic of all three i.e. Sensitive skins. Read the points while choosing the best exfoliate for your face.

For the Oily Skin:

  • Gel based scrub is ideal for you.
  • Use an oil free scrub for the skin to prevent clogging and production of oil.

For The Dry Skin:

  • Use a cream based formula.
  • Keep the usage limited with gentle finger scrubbing as they can cause the skin to tighten and create red patched to after effects of scrub being over drying.
  • Use vitamin based face masks.
  • Following with a good moisturiser or essential oil like Olive oil or tea tree oil or coconut oil etc.

For The Combination skin

  • I would suggest using scrubs which are more organic and herbal in nature as the skin tends to change with time.
  • It is best to go for all skin types.

For The Sensitive Skin

  • No need to mix and match products as it can make things worse.
  • Ideal to go for alcohol-free, paraben-free and non-fragrant scrubs.
  • Gentle scrubbing.
  • Use hydration masks after scrubbing.

 Best Face Scrub for Men in India

Top Face Scrub Brands for Men Available in Indian Market

Scrubbing is an important part of regular skincare. It helps s keep the skin smooth and soft. It prevents the eruptions and breakouts, building up of acnes and pimples in the skin. On the other hand, they can enlarge pores and increase the problems of blackheads, whiteheads & blemishes etc. Get to know the best face scrubs for women in India which are known for their good results and efficiency.

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Facial Scrub:

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Facial Scrub is no doubt the best face scrub for men in India. Read About what makes it the best for the skin?Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Face Scrub

  1. It contains Manuka (Antibacterial Antioxidants Honey) AAH 650 +.
  2. It helps in healing injuries on the skin with preventing acnes and pimples,
  3. Ideal for sensitive skin and oily skin.
  4. Free from minerals oils and Parabens.
  5. Light honey fragrance.

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NIVEA Men Dark Spot Reduction Face Scrub

Our second top choice is of our very own NIVEA for men which have a good face sc rub for that manly skin. Know more about the product.

NIVEA Men Dark Spot Reduction Face Scrub

  • It contains particles which exfoliate as well as clears complexion.
  • Visible results of reducing dark spots within 7 days as per the claim.
  • Removes the dirt and grimes effectively.
  • It comes at a price of Rs 190.

VLCC Men Active Light Fairness Face Scrub

VLCC brought its range, especially for the men. The scrub it has introduced is already a hit and is being loves by many who are looking for an alternate to the dull and tan skin.

 VLCC Men Active Light Fairness Face Scrub

  1. Maintains pH level.
  2. Ideal for those who are mostly outdoors and have blackhead issues.
  3. It comes at a price of Rs 170 for 75ml.
  4. Reduces tanning to the maximum.

Oriflame  Sweden North for Men Fairness Face Wash and Scrub

One of the best brands Oriflame Sweden has a dual product for you which cleanses and exfoliates for you. Come and let us know more about it:

Oriflame Sweden North for Men Fairness Face Wash and Scrub

  • It is ideal for all skin types.
  • It comes at a price for Rs 385.
  • It makes the skin toned up and clears complexion.
  • Clears the dust, oil and dirt effectively.

Lakmè Clean Up Pores Face Scrubs:

Lakmè may seem like little feminine by most men as it is known for its cosmetic range but believe me, its scrubs is good for men eve. Lets us know more.

Lakmè Clean Up Pores face scrubs

  1. Ideal for combination skin types to sensitive skin.
  2. Contains green tea extracts & salicylic acid.
  3. Fine granules are present.
  4. Help control oil production.
  5. Unclog pores as prevent acnes, pimples and breakouts.
  6. Comes at a price of Rs 110 for 50g


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