Best facial moisturizer manuka honey Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30

Moisturizers treat skin conditions like dermatitis, provides protection from the sun and enhance the presence of skin. An essential moisturizer enables hold to water in the skin’s external layers. Emollients fill in little fissure between surfaces to keep skin smooth, while reactants attract water to the farthest layer of our skin for a luscious glow. Considering your skin type, you should not have to moisturize your face or different face parts as frequently as others. Your daily moisturizing routine could switch dependent on the season and your skin condition.

There are numerous valid reasons to utilize a moisturizer daily. It keep skin hydrated is a significant step toward keeping your skin healthy. Facial moisturizers can improve the working of the stratum corneum which is the outermost layer of your skin. The stratum corneum consists of oil, fat and skin cells which helps to maintain the moisture in the skin. Applying a lotion or moisturizer to your skin or face can expand the moisture level of the outermost layer, keep away skin from drying, and, if the applied moisturizer contains sunscreen benefits, additionally secure against the sun. Today, we would like to introduce a very special and skin effective Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Moisturizer With SPF 30.

The Wild Ferns Manuka Honey protective and hydrating skin moisturizer will be a treatment therapy for your skin. This excellent moisturizer has been made up with premium Manuka Honey 80+ to give most extreme sun protection and skin hydration.


Manuka Honey is wealthy in basic unsaturated fats and cell reinforcements, while the Rosehip and Wheat Germ oils quickly revamp your skin, and hibiscus extract and collagen and will keep your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

The premium certified and tested SPF 30 attempts to protect your skin against ordinary ecological harmful particles. This moisturizers includes a non-oily formula and is best to be worn over makeup.

Every single Wild Fern Manuka Honey skincare product contains New Zealand’s Manuka Honey with a more than 80 percent Manuka pollen examination which characterizes its authenticity and pureness. This high evaluating additionally guarantees the best levels of organic Manuka features which makes Manuka Honey exceptional for its capacities in upgrading the health and presence of the skin. Wild Ferns items are altogether made with the assistance of nature to present to you a rich skin care action which reflects the pristine purity of New Zealand.

Features of wild ferns manuka honey moisturiser with spf 30:

  • 80+ Manuka Pollen
  • Made in New Zealand
  • SPF30
  • Protective Hydrating
  • No Mineral Oil.
  • Paraben Free.
  • Not tested on Animals 

Recommended Use:

  • Cleanse your skin first.
  • Delicately massage in the upper direction on the face to neck.
  • For best results use regularly.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • We always recommend a patch test before use of every new product.


Beneficial Ingredients: 

  • Buttermilk
  • Vitamin E

About Manuka Honey:

Honey has antioxidant and antibacterial properties but specially Manuka Honey contains the UMF (unique Manuka factor) which has the numerous antibiotic features to enhance the skin formulation. Manuka honey is manufactured in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka flower. It contains many healing properties so that is why most of the skin care products are manufactured which contains Manuka honey.

Key Points about Manuka Honey:

Monofloral honey:  Monofloral honeys are much more expensive than the other honeys due to each type has a different flavor and unique features.  Manuka honey has specifically special properties because of the manuka plant and its pollen extracts.

Medicinal Properties: Manuka Honey contains the medical properties which are proven advantageous for our skin and health. Such advantageous properties manuka honey is considered good for skin’s health.

Appearance and Flavour: Manuka honey has much stronger flavour and dark appearance rather than regular honey. People were surprised when they use it for the very first time, but once they tried it, they rarely go back to the regular honey.

Unique Manuka Factor: This UMF (unique manuka factor) is not found in any regular or ordinary honey. Not all types of manuka honey contains the UMF so first it tests in labs and then scientifically assigns the unique manuka factor.

Contrasted with different kinds of honey, Manuka honey has been demonstrated to be progressively strong and skin boosting in light of its higher methylglyoxal (MG). This specific compound adds to Manuka honey’s advantages for skin and health.

In spite of the fact that its precarious sticker price can toss a few people off, 4 different investigations throughout the years have demonstrated that Manuka honey is very valuable for skin, and is unquestionably worth the expense.

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