Best Homemade Face Packs for Monsoon Season

Best Homemade Face Packs for Monsoon Season – if the skin had to hate one season, then it would be monsoon for sure. It is a season which we all love with drops splashing all over. Now that the summers have a taken a bow, the rainy weather is approaching with growing clouds. We all love dancing in the rain and watching the whole earth but not your skin may be! Your skin excretes oil most in this weather which makes skin care a mess. We bring you best homemade face packs for monsoon season which is refreshing and benefiting.

The hotness of summers and the wetness of rain, together make the humidity in the air. The season is likely to be hated by the skin as it makes the skin over hydrated as well as make the oil glands overactive. If you have oily skin, then it is like standing against the worst nightmares of your lives. The oil secretion causes open pores to block and invite many skin issues like breakouts, pimples, and acnes etc.

Be natural is the mantra! Forget about the costly products and creams which are just useless as their claims. Know how to make best homemade face packs for monsoon season to get a glowing, clear and oil-free skin. These home remedies are widely loved and are a reason for a carefree monsoon funfair.

Best Homemade Face Packs for Monsoon Season

Top Monsoon Face Packs and Masks For A Beautiful Skin

Monsoon season is not a welcoming relief for the skin as it comes along with humidity which attracts grime, dust, and dust which results in skin issues.  A blocked pore can invite loads of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, acnes and much more. Know the best homemade face packs for monsoon season which will make your skin more glowing and beautiful:

  1. Oatmeal Face Packs

The variety offered by oatmeal is a delicacy for the skin. It makes a great meal for the body fat and the skin as well. Have some oatmeal crushed to a fine powder or use it as it is. The following are the remedies: oatmeal

Remedy 1

  • Take some oatmeal and have a rose water mixed with it.
  • Add a little lemon juice and turmeric to it.

Remedy 2

  • Make a paste out of almonds.
  • Mix oatmeal, milk, crushed avocado together with the almond paste.
  • Add a little lemon juice to it.

Remedy 3

  • Have some papaya cubes crushed?
  • Add some fine brown sugar powder.
  • Mix it with oatmeal.
  • Make a thick paste.
  • First, massage and then leave it to dry.

Remedy 4

  • Mix an egg with oatmeal.
  • Apply it on the face.


  1. Multani Mitti Face Pack

An age old trick which is good for all skin types and can be molded according to the need. If you have dry skin, it is advised to use an essential oil and yogurt whereas oily skin can prefer lemon juice and turmeric as a common ingredient for a clear skin.multani miiti

  • Take some fuller’s earth in a powdery state.
  • Add a pinch or two of turmeric.
  • Or, add lemon juice.
  • Mix it with rose water.
  • For dry skin, they can replace rose water with yogurt.
  1. Fruit Face Packs

Full of minerals and vitamins! A fruit face pack has everything for the skin to keep it hydrated and keep up with the nutritional needs. Here’s how to make a fruit face pack at home:

 Face Packs fruit

  • Take some fresh fruits.
  • Best if you have an apple, a banana, an avocado, some cubes of papaya, some strawberry, and peach.
  • Cut in pieces and make a paste.
  • Add little honey to it.\
  • If you want you can add mint or holy basil to it for more benefits.
  • Apply on the face and side by drink a smoothie.


  1. Green Tea Mask

Detoxify the body with green tea! Have your skin benefit the most from it with these simple remedy for a clear and bright skin this monsoon season.

 green tea

  • Take some green tea extracts.
  • Blend it in the mixer.
  • Add yogurt to it.
  • Apply on the skin for 10 minutes.


  1. Sandalwood for Monsoon

Sandalwood is a good Ayurvedic trick used since ages to solve an array of skin problems which makes it a greater deal this rainy weather. sandalwood

  • Has sandalwood crushed into a fine powder?
  • Add a little water.
  • Or, add a little turmeric and rose water.
  • Mix all and apply on the face.


  1. Besan and Turmeric Mask

A good cleanser, tan removal pack and much more! An all in one face pack, this is the best you can have for skin if you have oily skin and have issues like blemishes, spots and much more. besan and turmeric

  • Take some besan powder.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric
  • Or, add rose water, lemon juice to it.
  • Or, add tomato juice and a little turmeric powder to it.
  • Mix with milk for oily skin and yogurt for dry skin to it.

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