Best Lipstick Brands In India

Best Lipstick Brands in India– As they say ‘lips without lipstick are the cake without frosting’ , lipstick just add more charm to one’s looks. Lipsticks may not solve your problems but it’s definitely a good start. It is surely a vital part of every women’s makeup kit. Lipstick adds more charm to the personality of an individual. For most of girls, a swap to lipstick and little kajal do all about the makeup. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to out best lipstick on our lips.

The market is flooded with the number of lipstick brands, making it difficult for you to choose best. Leave the difficult work for us, we have bought for you the list of Best Lipstick Brands in India.  In this article, you get to know the best lipstick brands for you. The list has been prepared on the basis of range, prices, stay and quality of the lipstick. The customer feedback is also kept in mind while making this list for you,therefore it is the very helpful for you. We hope this helps you to choose the best one for your lips.

Here is the list of best lipstick brands in India.

Best Lipstick brand in India

Top Lipstick Brands in India

There is no about in the fact that lipstick is everyone’s best makeup product. A right lip color can add more in your beauty. Below are the best Lipstick brands with amazing color range and stability. These brands are best provides best products for your lips.

Karen Murrell

Karen Murrell

Karen Murrell is the best name when it comes to the best brands in lipsticks. The lipstick by this brand are long lasting and it moisturizes the lips.

All natural ingredients are used in the lipstick. Now you can get the amazing lips color which will also help you to keep your lips healthy.

Karen Murrell has a good range of lipstick. It provides you many shades.This is what make it the best lipstick brand in India.



Revlon Lipstick


Remove is one among the best lipstick brands in the country. This provides lipstick with a number of amazing shades.

Revlon is one brand which is trusted by a number of women out theirs.

It provides the best quality with the good stability of the lipstick.

Though the price is little high of this brand but you will definitely get the best results. Lipstick from this brand is worth buying.


L’Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris



L’Oreal is again one of the trusted brands when it comes to the lipsticks. The lipstick of this brand is very good with added moisturizer in it. Now get amazing color and healthy lips at the same time.

The lipstick range by L’Oreal has good stay on lips. Select the best shade for your lips according to your skin tone.

Again you will get the variety of lipstick shades with amazing colors.






This brand has good reach in the makeup kits of a number of women in India. This is because of its amazing range and affordable prices. Lakme has something for everyone.

You can choose your favorite color with the huge range of lipsticks which comes at different prices. From low to high, you will different price range of lipsticks. All the ranges are extremely pocket-friendly.

There is no compromise with the quality of the products. You will get the best quality lipstick.






You not only get the best quality eye makeup products from Maybelline. It provides the best quality lipsticks as well.

Maybelline is a very trusted lipstick brand in India. It provides some really good colors which have long stay.

You will get good color and healthy lips from this brand. Maybelline provides the lipstick at different price range according to the stability.




You could choose the best color for your lips according to your skin tones. It provides the huge variety of lip colors.

The lipstick of this brand are pocket-friendly as the products of this brand also comes at low price.

This brand comes up a new and sensational color of Lipsticks. You can see the variety of lipstick of this brand.

Added moisturizers in the lipstick are helpful in keeping lips healthy. This is one of the best lipstick brands in  India.





This American brand of lipstick is quite popular in India. The brand provides quality lipsticks.

The stability of lipsticks are very good and helps in keeping lips good.

Women trust Avon for its quality and color stability. You will get the product in different price range.


Elle 18

Elle 18


This lipstick brand has made its place in the list of top lipstick brands in India because of its amazing color ranges.

Apart from the color, lipstick also contains lip balm. This is the main reasons which have made it a good option for the women.

This lipstick brand is very pocket-friendly and you will definitely get the vibrant color.


Bottom Line

Lipsticks have always been one of the most important and basic cosmetics in India for women. Therefore it becomes very import to choosing the best lipstick brands.


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