Best Makeup Products Brands in India

Best Makeup Products Brands in India– Girls! *Shh*Even the boys! Ain’t no denying the fact, makeup has everything to make you as beautiful as Cinderella or Brad Pit.  From hiding to those ugly scars to beaming blemishes, makeup has been like a soul sister and a life saviour for billions of people on this earth. We believe natural beauty surpasses everything but hey! You cannot deny that makeup can actually enhance the look more than just pretty well. Your every mood has the right option with great makeup techniques with dark hues to intense kohl; the cosmetic giants have introduced them to all.

Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in the potential cosmetic industry which not only grew but grew into a giant which is rejoiced by millions from men to women. These makeup giants have been best known to bless you with quality products with an effective range of authenticity. Beauty is everyone’s need and right. Where the materialistic beauty has been the thing in demand, the demand for good makeup has risen up. We have enlisted some of the best makeup products brand in India which has been cherished since ages and keeping up with the beauty needs and trends altogether.Top Makeup Product Brands Available in India

Top Makeup Product Brands Available in India

Who does not like to look beautiful like Katrina or Priyanka? Now, the natural beauty is the best but it has your flaws beaming which does need some sort of help which is best provided by a good makeup brand. The mushrooming of beauty parlours and makeup artist, the need of potential makeup was seen an emerging need which was well seen by these makeup giants which made a whole empire. The ladies can leave anything but their makeup which makes the feminism. Get to the groove of best makeup product brand in India which is best known for its quality and credibility.

Karen Murrell | Top Makeup Product Brand in India

The best makeup brand of lipsticks in the Indian market. This product is a huge success here and globally. Want to know why? This brand is all organic on results. A lipstick brand which offers a quality range of colours with the natural benefits making it a huge hit here.Karen Murrell

What makes Karen Murrell lipsticks the best! Read it yourself:

  • The brand offers a good range of high-quality lipsticks.
  • They are affordable if compared to high brands.
  • They contain good natural ingredients like castor oil, primrose oil etc which is good for lips.
  • The texture of the lipstick is good and application creamy.
  • It lasts long for a good time without getting faded or needs of the extra application.
  • Ideal for dry lips and those who adore organic products.

Lakmè| The Best Makeup Brand In India

Initially started in 1952, Lakmè is a globally known product which has been cherished by millions all over the world. A brand of Unilever, it has been serving for almost a century. The women around the world have all adored its range & have been widely known for its Lakmè fashion week.


Know more about this makeup brand which is as follows:

  • Mentioned in the list of top selling makeup brand by esteemed and high profile, Vogue magazine.
  • One of the best cosmetic brands in India and globally.
  • The range of makeup is wider with eyeliners and lipstick being the most loved.
  • The other ranges include eye shadow, lip liner etc with a huge range of hues and colours which are very model like & help you attain the best look.
  • The ranges come in quality packed yet little costly for few of its products.

L’Oreal | Top Selling Makeup Product

Name any celebrity! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Penelope Cruz, this best makeup product brand and a giant has always proved its worth when it came to good quality that even the celebrities have come across to adore it very much. From its range of L’Oreal Paris to other sophisticated range, this product steals the show. This brand is no less than a household name globally and has no doubt on its results by even the professionals since its inception in 1909.L'Oreal Paris

Know more about L’Oreal as a good makeup brand:

  • The products have superior quality.
  • The price differs from being costly to affordable.
  • The brand offers a huge range of products list making it a multi-national giant offering lipsticks, liners, gels, mascara etc.
  • It is trusted brand name to quality, reliability and innovation.
  • It has been holding good names when it came to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Constant names in high-profile magazines and list of Forbes, Vogue and much more.

Revlon India | Best Cosmetic Brand In India

Launched in 1932, this brand, Revlon was a hit back then but came to India in 1995 and surely it hit the bull’s eye with increased as sales and a huge hit among the Indian beauties. One of the top cosmetic brands in India, it is one of best brands to have quality makeup range.Revlon India

Get to know more about this hit brand, Revlon India:

  • First international cosmetic company to have a hold in India.
  • It is little expensive but great for results and more than just satisfactory.
  • The lipsticks, nail paints, mascara etc have a huge range which varies from colours to skin tones.

Elle 18 | The Best Makeup Brand For Youth

Now want a makeup which is funky just like the youngsters? Want your own makeup range which is youthful? Elle 18 has it all. It is the best makeup product brand in India for the funky and colourful youth generation of today. This brand has always tried to give their products exciting ranges and colours which are fascinating if you were a teen. This brand offered the youngsters their own makeup products to choose from without making a choice between the adults look.Elle 18

Want to know more about Elle 18! Here we go:

  • The product ranges have great colours to offer which are a favourite among the youth of today.
  • Try their latest range of colour bomb which offers crazy colours.
  • Give your make up a youthful touch with Elle 18.
  • The range is affordable if compared to other makeup cosmetic companies.

Maybelline | Best-Selling Makeup Brand

An International brand, Maybelline is New York based company which came into existence in 1915. Surprisingly, fewer people know that it was initiated by L’Oreal back then and become an instant hit over fortnight which is why it is has grown and made its own identity in the industry. It made a reputation and is standing as a good contender for L’Oreal itself.Maybelline

Want to know more about this best makeup product? Read it yourself:

  • It was and is still a hit among every age and type masses.
  • The latest hit among them is Glitter Mania, Colossal range & Color show in India.
  • They are affordable when it comes to price.
  • Good quality.

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