Best Manuka Honey Body Lotion

Manuka Honey Body Lotion– Need a lotion which can help gives you a smooth skin? Looking for a good Manuka honey body lotion? Body skin is dry and flaky most of the time especially in winters with those creepy droughts like stripes running all over the body depicting the loss of moisture and need of a care. Your legs and hands are most effected which causes inflammation & blue spots on the skin if stretched too much. When you do so much for your skin from cleansing to relying on costly brands, why not your body?

Manuka Honey Body Lotion

Tried many body lotions but did not get the desired results? Looking for a good choice which has good effects? Now oils & honey are good but sticky on application and you can’t go for remedies all the time. So, we bring you a collection of ideal lotions which will be suitable for your body skin in form of best Manuka honey body lotion brands. They have the sophistication of giving you great results and not mere claims to make you believe in it. Take a quick pick to some of the best Manuka honey body lotion brands.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey is the type of honey derived from Manuka or tea tree flowers and tree nectar to present you a monofloral honey of Manuka which is the specialty of Australia & New Zealand.  They are greatly known for their benefits and properties. It is pure honey and is used widely in cosmetics, medicines & as a dietary substance.

What are the Benefits of Manuka Honey over other Honey & Ingredients? 

Manuka honey has set the world on fire with its good properties which will not only nourish the skin but will make it great to touch. Want to know more about it? Here are its benefits:

  • Helps you cure a sore throat.
  • It builds up the immune system in the body.
  • They are filled with multi-nutrients like Zinc, Magnesium, Types of Vitamin B, Sodium, Calcium etc which are 4 times more nutritional benefits if compared to normal honey.
  • Manuka honey is very good for digestion & its ailments & also cures intestine ailments due to its anti-bacterial properties.
  • It is good for skin issues like acnes, pimples, eczema etc as it is filled with anti-microbial properties.
  • Great healing powers unleashed in Manuka honey which is good to cure cuts, wounds & rashes etc.
  • It helps down-regulate MRSA bacteria symptoms.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties added for better care.
  • Improves sleep due to the release of Melatonin in the brain.
  • Sable properties and does not get easily destroyed by heat & enzymes in the body.

How Can you Know The Genuine Manuka Honey?

A worldwide standard was formed to help consumers all over the world to recognize the true potent of Manuka through “Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) which acts as a guarantee of its good medicinal value. The UMF rates the Manuka honey according to a range starting from UMF5 as a minimum. Points to remember while checking the brands:

  • It is recommended to go for minimum UMF10+.
  • The useful value starts ranging from UMF 10 to UMF 15 which is normal.
  • Ranges starting from UMF 16+ are of high quality which is the thing to look for.
  • A recognized UMF trademark will be shining on top of the product.
  • The label will include the name & license number which will be from New Zealand.
  • The rating no. will be flashing and if not, then it ain’t a genuine product.Best Selling Manuka Honey Body Lotion

Best Selling Manuka Honey Body Lotion

Get it touch with the best-selling body lotion with Manuka honey which will help you get that soft glowing skin which you want to touch again & again. Sit back and enjoy reading!

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Moisture Rich Body Lotion

Wild Ferns of New Zealand has the best Manuka honey products ranging from soap, face wash to scrubbers and creams etc. Know more about it.Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Body Lotion

  • It helps hydrate the body skin.
  • Wild Ferns Moisture Rich Body lotion has Manuka Antibacterial Antioxidant Honey (AAH) 650+.
  • It has the goodness of sweet almond as an active ingredient.
  • It is ideal for all skin types to use effectively.
  • It helps make your skin smooth and soft like silk touch.
  • The lotion gets easily absorbed by the body and nourishes it gently.
  • The lotion smells light & aromatic fragrance of honey.


Manuka Health Manuka Honey Toning & Moisturizing Body lotion

Manuka Health is a New Zealand based company which is known for selling Manuka honey products known for its good quality across. Get to know more about is body lotion:Manuka Health Manuka Honey Body lotion

  • It is ideal for aging skin or someone looking for an anti-aging body lotion also.
  • Application on a daily basis makes the skin more subtle & radiant.
  • It contains Manuka honey Methylglyoxal (MGO) 250+.
  • It helps rejuvenate the skin making it soft.
  • It has good ingredients like Shea butter, almond oil, aloe vera etc in it.
  • It available at a price of Rs 948.

Manuka Honey & New Zealand Flowers Wild Ferns Body Lotion

Another best selling Manuka honey body lotion product in this list is wildflowers body lotion which has the goodness of a good lotion and blesses the skin with great results and softness.
Manuka Honey & New Zealand Flowers Wild Ferns Body Lotion

  • It is enriched with the goodness of sweet almond oil & aloe vera.
  • It contains New Zealand’s flower extracts which are good for the body.
  • It is easy to absorb and spreads very conveniently and effectively.
  • Increases the production of collagen in the skin.
  • Makes the skin soft.

Siradell Manuka Body Essentials Body Lotions

Organic Manuka honey packed up with therapeutic properties, Manuka Body essential by Siradell is a good choice to be made for the sensitive skin. Want to know its feature? Read below.Siradell Manuka Body Essentials Body Lotions

  • Contains organic bioactive 15+ Manuka honey.
  • It is free from harmful preservatives & dye.
  • It contains no petroleum or mineral oil.
  • Ideal for the dry irritated skin.
  • An ideal choice for those who are suffering from side-effecting like dry, flaky skin due to a medical setting.


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