Best Selling Face wash in India

Best Selling Face wash in India – Cleaning is the essential part of our daily routine. Your body is a temple, thus keep it clean. What about your face? You cannot use that harsh detergent like soap on your delicate face. It can make your skin dry and weary. So here are best selling face wash in India. All the facial washes which are listed in this blog are of top brands which most Indian people trust.

Your facial skin is multiple times more sensitive than the rest of your body. Your face is exposed to extreme weather conditions, stress, emotions & pollution etc which makes it a place to concentrate more.These have evolved over the years with the markets flooded with varied options and formulation for your skin type whether it is dry, oily or combination. So in this blog, we are sharing you best selling face wash in India.

Best Face Wash in India

Benefits of Face wash or Facial Wash Prodcuts

What are the points before choosing a face wash? What an ideal face wash should have?

  • Face wash should never contain harsh ingredients.
  • They will never extract vitals oil from the skin (for oily skin) or over produce oil (for dry skin) which will result in breakouts & blemishes.
  • Should not have exfoliators which are not recommendable for daily use.
  • No strong smell or fragrance especially strong artificial fragrance.
  • Low levels of AHAs and help neutralize pH balance of the skin.

Top Face washes Brands in India (2015 – 2016)

The Market has many face washes which claim a variety of promises but whom to rely on! Your skin type is one such criterion- if your own oily skin go gel based face wash or dry skin should go for cream based face wash. Sit back and check out some best selling face washes in India who are best-known brands and quality products:

Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Foaming Facial Wash

Best Face Wash in India

Kiwifruit foaming facial wash of New Zealand’s Top brand Named Wild Ferns is the most used & best Face wash in India. This product is used by several celebrities & models. This product consists of kiwifruit extracts which helps in soothing & moisturizing the skin. This product is manufactured in such a way that it helps in gently cleansing the face.

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Murtela Gold Face Wash

Murtela Gold Face Wash is manufactured by Indian company. This face wash comprises of gold crystal formula which helps in energize face and refresh skin.

Murtela Face Wash

The Price of Face Wash – 179 only

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Murtela Face Wash

Murtela face wash consists of best ingredients that help in fighting against premature wrinkles. Our face wash is suitable for all skin types as it is specially formulated ingredients which help in removing all the excess oil from face. Murtela Face wash has the unique synergistic action of encapsulated on gentle rubbing on the facial skin. This is formulation is very effective for sensitive skin types.

The Price of this Facial wash – Rs 125 Only

murtela face wash

Murtela Anti Acne Face Wash

If you have acne and pimple problems then you can choose this face wash it provide best results. The price of this face wash is Rs 199 only.


Murtela Nourishing Glow Face Wash

If you want fair, glowing and nourishing face then you can choose this product. The price of this facial wash is Rs 220.

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Himalaya Face Wash

Himalaya Face WashThe Himalayas is an Indian based company whose ingredients rely on Ayurvedic ingredients. The company has a multi-brand reputation with  a variety of face washes for every skin type with organic contents like Neem, Lemon etc. Himalayas Neem Face wash is considered the best face wash for all skin with the goodness of Neem, it fights acne, excessive oil, moisturizes as well anti-bacterial properties.

It is best for all skin types. the top selling Himalaya face wash in India are Himalayas Herbal Gentle Hydrating Face wash has the benefits of Aloe Vera and cucumber; it is a soap-free formula which is best for dry skin people who are sensitive. Himalayas Herbals oil control lemon face washes with lemon extracts and honey nourishes the oily skin without making it too dry or greasy.

Foaming Facial Washes from Clean and Clear

clean n clear face wash

A brand product of Johnson & Johnson, Clean and Clear is a top selling foaming face wash has rich lather forming effect which removes oil, dirt and grime from the skin. It gives a smooth & clean skin.

It is best for oily skin people. It also comes in another packaging like Fairness face wash, Purifying apple, Energizing lemon, and Brightening berry. They claim to prevent that oily shine which is true without over drying your skin. As well as they do not clog the pores which cause acne and breakout.

Pond’s Face wash

Pond’s Face wash

Pond’s is a huge multi-brand giant company when it comes to cosmetic products. The range of product line in branded face washes is 10+. Which covers aging skin, oily skin, dry skin, pimples skin, blackheads, and fairness even smooth pores for enlarged pore skin.

Pond’s has a variety of ingredient and formulation. Which is easily suitable for every skin. But the trick is, you should know what you are looking for in the face wash. The best is Pond’s Pure Deep White Cleansing Facial Foam face wash has activated carbon and B3. Which soaks dirt and excessive oil from the skin. Much more are in the line with endless surprise range of Pond’s. Pond’s also a well brand name in top selling face washes.

Garnier Face wash

Garnier Face wash

Garnier is a reputed international brand with the diversified line of good selling face wash for every type of skin which covers the normal skin, dry skin, oily skin & combination skin as well as the sensitive skin. They are suitable for all skin types.

The top most selling Garnier face wash is Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pore Unclogging Face wash which is known best for oily skin preventing pimples, breakouts & blemishes. Filled with ingredients like Salicylic acids it places the dynamic role in unclogging pores, lighten blemishes/ spots, remove blackheads & minimizes pore size. It is best for oily skin. Another best of Garnier is, Moisture Rescue Fresh Foaming Cleanser is enriched with apple water, grape extracts, mineral salts and oligo elements. Which lock the moisture with playing its part a good cleanser of removal of dust, dirt, oil etc. It is best for all skin types.

Olay Face wash

Olay Face wash

Olay is a brand which shot to fame for it anti-ageing formulas. It consists of good selling range of products in India. Though the face wash collections have vast options, the best of Olay brand are Olay Acne Control Face Wash Salicylic Acid Acne Cleanser & Olay Natural White Foaming Cleanser( gel based cucumber extracts) which are best know to cleanse the skin from dust, sebum, makeup, oil etc. They fight acne buildup giving you a flawless & spotless skin to adore.

 Joy Face wash

joy face wash

Joy has emerged has a company. Who uses fruits and natural ingredients in its formulation of face wash to give you a youthful and clean skin by exfoliating gently for daily use. This thing make them as top choices when it comes to selling. They claim their face washes to be nature inspired.

Joy face washes are best known for its results. The best face washes of joy are more complimented to your skin type if it requires oil control, fairness face wash, gentle care etc with the benefits of papaya, neem, turmeric, strawberries & lemon etc.

Lakme Face wash

Lakme Face wash

Lakme has the best top selling variety of face wash with not one but many at good sales in India. The best known products are- Lakme Sun Expert After Sun face wash (best for those who are mostly exposed to sun) & Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming facial Foam (best for ageing and dry skin making skin smooth and toned), Lakme Clear Pores Face Clean-Up face wash (best for oily skin with green tea extracts) & Lakme Gentle and Soft Pore Cleanser (filled with Vitamin E and Avocado extracts, it is ideal for dry skin).


Face wash is the way by which we can maintain our skin texture and health. It is very important to use the right type and best quality of face wash. Above listed are the best brands of face wash in India.

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