Best Winter Care Tips For Oily Skin

Best winter care tips for oily skin – Winters can be the worst season for your skin because of the obvious reasons. This is the season where taking good care of your skin can be extremely tough. There are a thousands of reasons why your skin does not cooperate with you in winters. If you are looking for the best winter care tips or oily skin then we have everything you are in the search of.

Winter care tips for oily skin

Oily skin is the major trouble for anyone who wish to have a soft and smooth skin. This does not look good and can even lower your personality and confidence. The greasy feeling on the face isn’t something anyone would like to have. Winter is pretty tough for you to maintain the skin but can be easy if you will follow the right steps.

Top Winter care tips for oily skin

Oily skin should be treated with equal care in every season and with most care especially in winters. You might be thinking that the dry and cold air removes the excess oil from skin but this is unfortunately not true. Winters can worsen the situation. You can follow the below mentioned tips in order to get rid of the oily skin in the dry and cold season.

Use the right moisturizer

Usually winter oriented moisturizer are high on oils and they can make your oily skin worse. Make sure you choose a moisturizer that is oil free. There are many moisturizers available in the market ranging from gel to water based. You can choose any of them to balance the oils in your skin.

Exfoliate the skin

You skin needs exfoliation in every season to be precise. Make sure you choose the right exfoliating gel with the minute granules which have vitamin E. This vitamin is essential to maintain the oils in your skin. Regular use of exfoliating gel can result in wonderful results.


Water is the most effective way to solve any skin problem. Try to have eight to ten glasses of water per day which will further help you to stay hydrated. Water will flush out the toxins and bacteria from the skin pores that are responsible for causing oily skin.

Apply moisture rich products

Moisture rich skin products are beneficial for the skin. Try to pick body washes over body soaps and if you want to use a soap then make sure it has the right moisturizing elements. Soap with glycerin and natural oils is effective on the body’s skin. Use an oil free skin product for the facial sin.

Cleanse and tone

The routine cleansing, toning and moisturizing is extremely important for your skin and this is what your skin  needs. Usually in winters people tend to not take care of their skin but this is the worst decision they make. You need to wash and cleanse your face regularly so that you can have  glowing and beautiful skin even in winters.

Use a fresh and clean towel

This might seem odd in this list of winter tips for oily skin. But this can prove to be a lot beneficial for your skin. This prevents the oily skin and several breakouts. Using the same towel again can bring back the bacteria to the skin. Therefore make sure you use the fresh and clean towel every week. Another important thing is that do not rub your face instead gently pat on the skin.


Oil free beautiful skin is what every woman wants in winters or more precisely in every season. Winters can worsen your skin therefore it is very important to be more careful in this season. Above listed are the best tips that you can use in winters to maintain the skin’s beauty and glow and most importantly it helps in removing the excess oil. Using these tips in your lifestyle can give you a beautiful, radiant and oil free skin so that you can shine all day long.

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