Get natural facial cleanser Lanolin Facial Cleanser with Apple & Olive Leaf

In daily routine, it is necessary to clean your skin at night before sleep, to erase the applied make-up, dead skin cells, impurities and extra oil. In any case, an early morning cleansing is also useful, as it evacuates any toxins present on the skin kills during night and refresh your skin, setting it up for make-up again.

Here we are introducing wild ferns lanolin facial cleanser with apple and olive leaf. This skin purifying and refreshing cleanser is a mixture of moisturizing lanolin and ingredients of skin cleansing  to drag out the impurities and dust present on the skin. Apple extracts has gentle astringent and peeling properties to help reestablish the skin tone and its vibrancy. Olive Leaf extracts are very high skin aging antioxidant which heals and soothes your skin. The ideal parity of Lanolin and herbal concentrates in this skin cleanser, improves its benefits to altogether cleanse, refresh and smooth your skin complexion. It suits all types of skin.


Lanolin facial cleanser Features:

  • It cleans pores without over drying. Keeps your skin hydrated and your skin feels moisturized after washing.
  • A perfect blend of moisturizing lanolin and skin cleansing ingredients to cleanse and nourish your skin.
  • Antioxidant high olive leaf extract heals and soothes the skin.
  • Apple extracts has gentle exfoliating and astringent properties to help restore the skin tone and it’s vibrancy.
  • This face cleanser is the perfect balance of lanolin and botanical extracts which thoroughly cleanses, freshens and smoothes your skin complexion.
  • 99% Organic & Natural.
  • Proudly manufactured in New Zealand.

Wild Ferns Lanolin Facial Cleanser with Apple and Olive Leaf is a wonderful mixture of profound moisturizing Lanolin and skin purging ingredients to purify and rinse the skin.

Studies have demonstrated that Lanolin has comparable physical and chemical properties to our external layer of skin, and can helps to hydrate our skin cell formation, which is the reason utilizing Lanolin has some significant smoothing impact that can without much of a stretch keep going for more than eight hours. Bio-engineering studies have discovered that Lanolin frames a breathable film on our skin, and when applied to five back to back days the hydrating impacts were as yet unmistakable 72 hours after the previous application.

With such an astonishing skin product as Lanolin mixed with fundamental nutrients that are found in olive leaf and apple, which too has surprising antioxidants agent properties that are found to heal and soothe, this Wild Ferns Lanolin Facial Cleanser with Apple and Olive Leaf is certainly one simple approach to give your skin a sound and hydrating energy boost.

Steps to use:


  • We always recommend a patch test before use.
  • Take a little amount of this face cleanser and massage on your face to neck using gentle circular motions.
  • Wash off or rinse with warm water.  Make sure that the water should not be too hot or cold.
  • Use regularly, morning and night.
  • Do not use if you feel skin irritation.

Lanolin has for quite some time been prestigious for its very valuable nourishing and moisturizing properties and in this manner is perfect as a key element in a skincare product’s range. Lanolin is promptly absorbed into the skin making it look and feel softer and younger, while upgrading the suppleness and versatility related with healthy and young skin. Evidence of this is in the hands of the wool workers and shearers around the worldwide, they are known for having especially delicate and supple hands that hold their energetic look because of their steady treatment of Lanolin made up from rich sheep’s wool.

About New Zealand Lanolin:

New Zealand is outstanding for delivering probably the best sheep wool skincare products worldwide. This is because of the fact that New Zealand’s environmental condition is perfect, because of its mountainous atmosphere and green fields. New Zealand Lanolin is produced from sheep’s wool and its extracts. The incredible thing about lanolin oil is that it is the very close organic oil to our skin oils. This implies that our skin can absorb it promptly and provide us with extra amazing  moisturizing and nourishing properties. When making their excellence beauty products, Wild Ferns enroll the assistance of nature, this unconditionally prompts a scope of healthy skin which is extravagant and is enlivened by the untainted magnificence of New Zealand.

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