Home Remedies For Dry Lips In Summer

Home remedies for dry lips in summer – Dry lips is a common problem seen in all group of people regardless of age and gender. Chapped and dry lips do not look good in any way. They can lower your confidence and can also drop your look. This is a problem that prevails in winters but what if you get dry lips in summer? There is nothing to worry about here we will discuss the various home remedies for dry lips in summer. 

Home remedies for dry lips in summer

Some of the main causes of dry lips are vitamin deficiency, allergy, dehydration, smoking, external factors etc. There are tons of commercial products rich in chemicals available to treat dry lips. But they can in turn can worsen the situation. Natural ways are always best and they do not have any side effect. Therefore, if you have dry and chapped lips then you must choose the home remedies to treat them.

Top home remedies for dry lips in summers

Dry lips can prove to be a lot embarrassing for you. If you have dry and chapped lips then even a high quality lipstick cannot hide it. They does not only make you self conscious but also are painful. Therefore, we have brought you the ultimate home remedies so that you can get rid of dry lips in the hottest season.


Sugar does the  natural exfoliation, it will exfoliate the dead skin cells eventually giving you soft and smooth lips like never before. Mix honey and sugar and apply this mixture on your lips. Gently rub your lips with the help of your fingers and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process more often to get better and instant results.


Honey is an excellent moisturizer that also has healing and anti bacterial properties that eventually helps a lot in treating dry lips. You can either directly apply honey on the lips or mix it with glycerin to get more better results. Apply honey before going to bed and rinse it in the morning. You will notice the smoothness in your lips that will you will adore.

Rose petals

Who would have thought of rose petals rescuing you from the dryness in lips? Well, they are very effective in treating dry and chapped lips. They not only moisturize your skin but also give your lips their natural color. Soak the rose petals in milk in for few minutes. Mash it so that it can turn into paste, then apply it on your lips. Leave it for few minutes and rinse it off with water. You can repeat this process three times a week to get better results.

Coconut oil

How can we not mention coconut oil in treating dryness? Coconut oil is very effective and people are using this since ages for all the obvious reasons. It is an amazing moisturizer that not only treat your dry lips but also prevent them from getting dry again. Simply applying coconut oil on your lips several times a day can diminish the dryness on your lips.

Milk cream

Milk cream as we all know is rich in fats and that becomes an excellent moisturizer for your lips. You can apply milk cream directly on your lips, leave it for minutes. And rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process more often to get your lips heal faster.


Cucumber is an amazing and very effective moisturizer when it comes to treat dry lips. You can also eat it to treat the dryness from inside. Otherwise just apply a cut slice of cucumber on the lips so that the whole juice could be spread. Repeat this process on a regular basis to get the better and improved results. It will help in fast healing of the dry and chapped lips.


There would be absolutely no one who wants dry lips. They are a major distraction in your overall personality and can make you look less attractive. If you have dry lips and were looking for the ways to treat it then I hope this might have been helpful in some way or the other. Above mentioned are the best home remedies to treat dry and chapped lips that you can follow.

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