How to Use Body Lotion Effectively

How to Use Body Lotion Effectively– We often neglect the body skin and pay all the attention towards our face. This is where we go wrong. Body skin is not as delicate as face but it also needs good care. You might be using the best body lotion but if you do not know how to use body lotion effectively for the best results than it is waste of money. There are several things which are needed to be taken care of while using the body lotion.

best tips to use body lotion

A quality body skin lotion can do wonders on scaly, dehydrated skin that feels rough and looks unattractive, and hand body lotion works especially well on the hands and feet, but can be applied all over the body which make them amazing. In this article we you will get to know about How to Use Body Lotion Effectively, but before moving on that let us first see some of the benefits of using body lotions.

Benefits of Using Body Lotions

You think that the body lotions are just for the winters. Well you are wrong, body needs mositurizers in summer as well. No matter what your skin type is you need body lotion to provide nourishment to it.

Read the benefits of using body lotion below:

  • Regular application of lotion keeps the skin hydrated and avoid dryness.
  • It Replenishes the rough areas like knees, elbows, and other parts. You could easily get rid of rough and dry skin by applying body lotion.
  • Get a glowing skin by using body lotion. If you know how to use body lotion properly you definitely gonna love its results.
  • It will not only keep dryness or roughness away but it will make you smell good whole day.

Best way to Apply Body Lotion

To get the maximum benefit out of your lotion. It is very important to apply it properly on your body. One should know the best way to apply it. Know your skin type and choose the best lotion for your body to get the best results. Different skin needs different kind of lotion and do check for ingredients present in the lotion. Look at the best way to apply lotion on your body effectively.

Clean Your Skin First

To get the best result, you should always cleanse you skin before applying body lotion or any other skin care products on them. The dirt particles may not allow the body to absorb lotion properly.

Therefore, application of body lotion after shower is the best time to apply the body lotion. As you are fresh after shower. Take the warm water shower as it cleans skin people, when you will apply the body lotion on your skin it be easily absorb by the body.

Apply Lotion on Moist Skin

One should always apply the lotion when the skin is moist it helps in dissolving the lotion. This way all the ingredient in the lotion penetrate in better way. Applying cream on dry skin do not provide all the benefits of lotion.

But there are several lotion as well which are needed to be apply on dry skin to avoid irritation but those are prescribe drugs. If you will apply the lotion in right way it will help you well in keeping your skin healthy and fresh.

 Apply Lotion on Warm Skin For effective Results

If you want to get the best results from your body lotion make sure that you do not apply it on the cold body. The warm skin is good absorbent of the body lotion. If you skin is cold then use warm towel to make it warm.

It seems work but it wont take long. In addiction you will get the moist skin.

Exfoliation for Better Penetration

Through exfoliation you can get the rid of dead cells as it deeply clean the skin. Exfoliation before applying the lotion will help for the better penetration as it enhance the absorption of the ingredients effectively.

Dry skin causes problem in deep penetration of ingredients, they act as a blockage on the skin. Therefore, if you want to get the best result take good care of this thing.


It is very important to know the about the right way to apply body lotions. Choose the lotion which suits best to your skin type and apply it in a proper way. You will get good results for sure. Though the skin of the body is not as delicate as that of the face but it also needs proper care.

Body skin lotion can be purchased at most grocery or department stores. The generic lotion brand do not cost much, one can spend some reasonable amount to keep skin healthy.

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