How To Use Eye Cream Properly

How To Use Eye Cream Properly– Looking for ways to use eye cream? The skin around the eye is the most delicate one as well the thinnest of the skin. We cannot apply anything around it as may make things worse. Did you know the first signs of ageing starts around the eye? So, we should take good care of eye skin for youthful and beautiful eyes. We bring you the correct way on how to use eye cream properly. They help your tired eyes feel refresh and repair the damages caused by the harsh environment, stress or other factors by providing the essential nutrients.

How to use eye cream

Day Eye Cream or Night Eye Cream | What To Apply?

Eye creams too have a subcategory of being a day eye cream and a night cream! As the name suggests, both are applied at the given time of day. Get to know more about these fabulous products closer to knowing the best:

A night cream is applied at the night time before going to sleep which is recommended applying 15 minutes before to let the cream absorbed by the skin of the eye. They help the eye repair and rejuvenate faster. This is regarded the best skin care routine for giving the eyes the healthy glow as the skin repairs the maximum at night.

A day cream is a cream which is applied at day time. This routine is regarded best for dry skin but for the oily skin, it is preferable during winters as they tend to become glide and sticky.  These creams are preferably applied during the day before applying the makeup to give the best protection to the eyes. Most creams have this good SPF to protect from the sun damage.

Which Is The Best Eye Cream Available in India?

Eye creams are good for the delicate skin which is a thick cream if compared to other creams. They are easily absorbed most of the time and require a thin layer to do the magic. The market is flooded with potential eye creams; we bring you some of the top selling eye cream available in the Indian

  •    Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Eye Cream

Wild Ferns has the best eye cream which is enriched with the benefits of Manuka honey which have good medicinal benefits over other ingredients. They will make your eyes radiant and look beautiful as ever. Try this product once and you will fall in love which makes it the best selling under eye cream.

They other eye creams in our list are as follows:

  • Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Cream
  • Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Rejuvenating and Correcting Eye Gel
  • Wild Ferns NEW ZEALAND Lanolin Eye Crème with Collagen
  • FabIndia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel

Tips To Remember While Using Eye Cream!

Eye creams are great while applying and delicacy custom made for the skin around the eyes which are the most delicate part. If the skin is delicate, we say be careful how you use a product. Thus, we give you essential tips on how to use eye cream properly to get those radiant and flawless eyes without any application of those heavy makeups on the eyes.

  • The first and foremost, be gentle and careful! Just dab, tap and soft massage are enough.
  • Use the cream 15 minutes before sleeping.
  • Do not forget! Let the cream absorb and then go to sleep of else it can glide into your eyes or pillow.
  • Do not apply on the lids & apply on the orbital socket which is circular in shape.
  • Always use the ring finger to massage or apply the cream as this finger is the weakest among the fingers which are not likely to damage the delicate skin of the eye.
  • While you buy any product, always look for ingredients and the thing the product was made to sort. Like if you have puffy eyes then look for eye creams which reduce puffiness or if your priority is wrinkle reduction then look for eye creams with antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Use a fragrance-free eye cream or light fragrance which does not irritate the skin or you.
  • Look for good brands as it is a question of your skin.
  • While massaging never and ever stretch your skin or be rough with it as it can because of they skin of the eye to damage.
  • A pea size is enough and does not apply as a pack like most people do. Apply as moisture around the skin.

How To Use Eye Cream Properly

Steps to Use Eye Cream Properly For Good Results

Eyes are a delicate past of your body and skin. Be careful ad gentle while you apply a thick layer of the cream to get the best results. Get to the crust on how to use eye cream properly to get that radiant and shiny eyes effectively and effortlessly.

How To Use Eye Cream Properly

  1. Wash your face using a good cleanser and follow up by a tonne o make the skin ready for the eye treatment.
  2. Prefer a good eye cream, the eye cream usually comes sin jar form or tube form. Squeeze our or dab a pea-size cream.
  3. Tap around the eyes using your ring finger only.
  4. Do not rub the cream around your eyes as it is not good for eyes.
  5. Massage in gentle and light circular motion moving from inner to outer corner of the eyes.
  6. Do not forget the orbital eye bone and the side temple which is a pressure point for good benefits.
  7. Let the cream soak completely.
  8. Swipe out the excessive cream very gently with a clean cloth.

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