How to Use Night Cream

How to Use Night Cream– Looking for steps to use night creams.  Night creams are just like after dinner delicacy for the skin. You skin is a delicate part of the body which is the outer layer which is mostly exposed to severe heat, cold and humidity. t creams? Don’t know how to use a night cream of top brands? Do you know regular exposure leads the skin to freckle and make it dull. Just like you need rest and food for coping up with the day to day life, the skin fights with a similar situation! It also needs a support system which is our very own night cream.

Best Night Cream in India

The rejuvenation power of a good night cream cannot be altered using anything but this miracle product which offers multi-benefits in just a layer. From repairing to bring great benefits, night creams have successfully brought a revolution to tired skin and bring that refreshed glow even if you meet hectic schedule daily. A simple application and you can be care free for long as night creams make the best of your delicate skin. Want to know how to use the night cream for good results? Read the blog to know more!

What is the Night Cream?

The night is the time when the skin makes the most of it. The skin repairs itself, restores the natural skin and regenerates itself with discarding the dead skin cells. This heavy lifting requires support which is incomplete even after a good cleansing and toning. Thus, seeing the need of good cream to support it was introduced as night creams.

Night creams are specially formulated to speed up the recovery process of the skin as well as moisturise the skin which the skin has a loss due to pollution, dirt, dust and cleansing. They are thick but easy on absorption giving your skin the complete nourishment that it requires. Using it in right way is the formula which is explained here how to use the night cream for your skin of any type.

Difference Between Day Creams and Night Creams

The market has introduced two creams to keep your skin bright and glowing which are day creams and night creams. They seem similar but are different from each other which make them special in their own way. Your skin bears the harsh treatment all day and repairs at night. They both are different but work in a similar way of rejuvenating the skin from inside out.

Let us know the difference between these two revolutionary products- Day Creams and Night Creams which help you get the healthier skin:

  • Night creams are rich, heavy or thick as compared to day creams which are light.
  • They are slow absorption and take hours to penetrate into the skin which on the other hand, day cream are quick on absorption.
  • These contain the highest concentration of anti-aging ingredients for the skin repair and renewal whereas day cream differs in their needs from fairness to moisturising.
  • Night cream has little of nil SPF as they are night creams, they do not need sun protection whereas day creams have a good amount of SPF.
  • The main work of night creams is to help skin repair faster whereas day creams protect the skin from damage.How to Use Night Cream

What Are The Benefits of Using A Night Creams?

A night cream has the good benefit of skin which makes it more supple and healthy. Night creams are applied at night before going to bed just to wake up feeling beautiful which is the essence owning a night cream. With faster repairing system, the skin cope up with daily fights efficiently but wait! There’s more to the list.

  • They help moisturise the skin as well as repair.
  • It makes the skin refreshing and beautiful on waking up.
  • You will find that your complexion is more clear and smoother.
  • Night creams are helpful in discarding dead cells and dull skin.
  • Fastens the production of new skin cells.
  • They have a high content of anti-aging compounds which will make you skin younger and wrinkle free.
  • Boosts up collagen and elasticity in the skin avoiding sagging of the skin.
  • It improves blood circulation around the face area.

Tips to Remember While Applying A Night Cream!

Here are some essential tips to use night creams effectively and for improved results.

  • Use the night cream around your neck which is ignored by most of the people. The neck is also as delicate as you facial skin and undergoes ageing signs.
  • Most people apply on the lid of the eyes which is a bad practice as this makes the lips puffy.
  • Use a quality night creams for your skin.
  • Look for ideal ingredients which are suitable for your skin. No fear, night creams are available for every skin whether it is dry, oily, combination or sensitive.
  • Go for a light fragrance of fragrance-free night cream which should not be too thick as high consistency may lead to clogged pores.
  • The night cream should be hypoallergenic.
  • Gently wash your face before applying the cream. Night Cream

Steps to Use Night Creams For Skin Renewal

The application is very important for a better result! We give you steps on how to use night creams for healthier and refreshed skin which is as follows:

  • The first and foremost thing is to cleanse your skin using a face wash or ubtan whichever suits your skin.
  • If you had applied makeup then I suggest starting with a good makeup remover.
  • After a good cleansing and toning process.
  • Pat dry the face and neck.
  • Take a good amount of night cream using your fingers.
  • Dab few dots of the cream around the cheeks, forehead, around eyes avoiding lids and neck.
  • Massage in upward and circular motion around your face and neck.
  • It is recommended to apply 30 minutes before going to sleep.
  • Apply daily for good results.


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