Top brand wild ferns rotorua mud face and body pack with manuka honey

Rotorua mud face and body pack with manuka honey is an ultimate treatment for your skin. This face pack contains the absolute maximum content of Rotorua’s geothermal mud in its purest form. Not only this but it  also contains with Active AAH 650+ Manuka honey. The mud is creamy and velvety smooth and full of highly concentrated natural minerals that make it extremely therapeutic as well as detoxifying, purifying, healing and also retains all the minerals. When combined with the powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties of manuka honey, Rotorua mud face and body pack works to deeply cleanse the skin and restore tone and vitality so that your complexion is noticeably refreshed and revived. The natural antibacterial property of thermal mud is further enhanced with antiseptic Manuka Honey that also nourishes your skin with vitamins and minerals.

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Why do you need a face and body mask?

Everything that makes you a glorious and smart looking person comes under your looks that depends upon your skin health. Therefore, to take care of your skin and make it seem glamorous you need this face mask. This has all the ingredients that your skin needs for your face to look healthy and smart. This will not only give you a beautiful face but will also help you to get rid off all the problems that makes it dull and dark. This can be used by everyone in our family therefore, a one of all product is provided to you.

Product Features 1

It is a Deep Cleansing Face And Body Pack Enriched With Therapeutic Geothermal Rotorua Mud. It is Certified Manuka Honey And Lavender To Heal, Detoxify And Purify The Skin For A Rejuvenated Radiant Looking Skin.

Product Features 2

Rich In Vitamins And Minerals It Aids In Skin Renewal, Creating A Gentle Exfoliation Effect. This Removes Excess Oil, Toxins And Dead Cells For A Softer Feel And Radiant Glow.

Product Features 3

Blended With The Benefits Of Lavender And Manuka Honey It Assists In Cell Regeneration. It also Stimulate Blood Circulation And Improve The Tone And Texture Of The Skin.

Product Features 4

Manuka Honey Rich In Vitamins, Minerals And Powerful Antioxidant And Antibacterial Properties. Therefore, it Has The Outstanding Ability To Protect, Nourish, Soothe And Heal The Sensitive Skin.


Product Features 5

It Has A Fluid Consistency Which Makes It Easy For Application All Over The Body For A Spa Like Experience.

Hence it all all the features that you search for in a good cosmetic product.

Directions of use 

  • You must apply it on clean and washed skin.
  • Avoiding the eye region, apply generously all over the face and body.
  • Leave until it gets partially dry and then rinse off with warm water.
  • Use 1-2 times per week for the best results.


It can be used both by men and women. It is not tested on animals and is scientifically proven by research.

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