Makeup Tips For Dark Indian Skin

Makeup tips for dark Indian skin – When it comes to look glamorous and beautiful many people still think that people with dark skin cannot do much with colors and makeup. Reason being Indians are in obsession with the fair skin. There is makeup for every skin color and you have to choose wisely for your skin tone. Right makeup can give you more glowing and beautiful look. Here we will let you know some of the beneficial makeup tips for dark Indian skin.

Makeup tips for dark skin

Applying makeup on darker skin tone can be a tricky task because most of the cosmetic brands caters to lighter skin colors. Dark skin is beautiful too and it has the advantage of pulling off any makeup. Correctly done makeup will not only make you look prettier but will also save your natural look.

Top Makeup tips for dark Indian skin

Dusky complexion undoubtedly looks quite stunning and if you will apply the right makeup then it can actually enhance the look. So if you are lucky enough to have a dusky skin then below mentioned are some of the tips that you can follow to get the best look.

Moisturize your skin

It is extremely important to moisturize your skin regardless of the skin color you have. If you will not properly moisturize your dark skin then the makeup can tend to give to an ashy look. Therefore, it is important to apply a moisturizer on your skin to get the perfect look.

Match the foundation to your skin

If you love foundation and want to add it in your daily makeup routine then it is necessary to match the foundation to your skin tone perfectly. Find a foundation that is as close as possible to your skin color. Never make the mistake of choosing a foundation for lighter skin color because this will make your makeup look patchy. You can contact to the beauty expert or check it on the internet to get the best foundation for your skin color so that the makeup does not look caked.

Apply concealer under eye circles

Dark circles is a common problem that most of the people deal with on a daily basis. One of the reason is the major deposition of melanin under the skin. If you have dark under the eye circles, then you have to take extra care to cover them. Right concealer of the same skin tone will give you a youthful, vibrant and beautiful look. You can take the help of various makeup tutorials to get the perfect look.

Use right blush

Most bold and bright blushes usually blend beautifully into the darker skin. They add more glow and radiance in you perfect look. Colors like rose and color are the appropriate choice for dark skin, also a great choice for any day time look. For night look you can choose the colors like plum, wine, bronze to name a few. If you do not want to make your brown skin dull then you should avoid colors like brown and beige.

Setting powder

Use a setting powder that matches your skin tone and is translucent and matte. If you are wondering what is it good for then it helps in your makeup to last long and also reduce the shine. Setting powder is extremely important for the people having oily skin. It helps makeup to outstay and eventually you will get the look of your desire.

Lip shades

Lip shades are yet another important part of makeup for every skin type. Contrary to the belief, dark skinned people can pull off any shade if wore properly. You can choose bright colors like burgundy and red for both day and night look. To make them last longer you can use foundation or powder before you actually apply the lipstick. Stay away from glossy lip colors.


Applying right makeup is not everyone’s cup of tea specially if you have a dark skin. Aforementioned are the best tips that you can use to get the perfect look even you have a dusky skin. Dark skin can pull off any makeup and colors they just need to follow the right tips. So go ahead and consider these tips in order to get the beautiful and much prettier look.

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