Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes – Looking for some tricks which could actually help you enhance your eyes? Whether it is your lashes or brows, we simply have adoration for this color. The Indian beauty is mostly lured for the brown eyes which are one of the best features as per many. People abroad have more wishes to have this color. We may die for other colors but in reality, if you won brown eyes, you have more horizon to discover as a girl. Thus we bring you makeup tips for brown eyes to enhance them.

If you look at the color wheel, the other colors like blue and green have limited chances to match themselves with other tones. Like if you own blue eyes, you would not prefer many eyeshadows like pink or purple as it may make your eyes look swollen. Whereas the brown eyes steal the show with the majority, choose metallic shades, bright colors or deep color tones, they all will compliment your looks. Before you start your experiment, surely apply some good makeup tips for brown eyes which will make your looks more attractive.

 Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Tips To Do Makeup For Brown Eyes

Eyes are delicate, even more, delicate than your facial skin which is the reason why you witness early signs of aging first around that delicate skin. It is sadder to see that it is mostly neglected by us even though it one of the 5 main senses and an important part of the body and our living. While you apply makeup or try experimenting something out of the blues, know some essential makeup tips for brown eyes for the beauties out there.

Prepare Your Eyes

You cannot do this grave mistake to apply makeup before preparing it for the big go. Cleansing and moisturizing is the trick to doing.   To keep them in the best shape it is essential to apply the two simultaneously correct which is our first makeup tip for brown eyes.

cleansing Eyes

Get along with some tips to prepare your eyes:

  • Never use harsh soap around or on the eyes as it can get into the eyes and irritate you.
  • It is best to use eye makeup remover to remove the makeup on it. You can use cleansing milk also or instead use Vaseline or olive oil or coconut oil instead.
  • Cleansing is important and being gentle is the trick to follow.
  • Never be harsh on the delicate skin.
  • Apply eye cream instead of moisturizer. Keep it for 15 minutes to let soak completely as they are little thick. It is best to apply day and night for good benefits.


Spread The Primer

Never mistake it for the primer that you use to treat your face. The cosmetic mall as a different product for your eyes too. A primer for your shiny brown eyes! Before you start your experiments, make the base of it good to avoid any kind of issues, later on, like open pores, shine or pimples around the eyes:


Get along with some tips to use primer on your eyes:

  • Take a pea size quantity only.
  • Use your ring finger to spread it.
  • Spread it evenly everywhere around the eyes avoiding the lashes and brows.
  • Use a concealer down the eyes to make the dark circles appear less.

Know Your Eye Shape

Knowing the type of makeup will suit you will have a good effect only if you know the type of eye shape you own. You may have seen that some those who have identical colors of the ball and applied the same color but still the outcome is some have adorable look but some have weird results. Choose from the below are the types of eye shapes: shape of Eyes

  • Wide-Set
  • Close-Set
  • Downturned
  • Protruding
  • Monolid
  • Deep-Set
  • Hooded
  • Upturned

Using Eyeliner

Even you want to go simple, natural, bold, moody or dramatic; eyeliner is your constant guest. Applying it correctly is as essential as you would never want to have asymmetrical eyes with one wing popping our and the other down. Know the right tips to make it a success.

 Eyes liner

Get along with some tips to use liner correctly:

  • Have a mirror always to make sure you do not look like a joke all the way.
  • People say look straight but I would suggest having your head a little tilted and look down as you make your perfect wings.
  • Use a q-tip or damp cloth to wipe the mess. Just be careful and gentle.
  • Apply close to lash lines for the perfect wings.
  • Opt for white if you want big eyes and black for making it appear detailed and fierce.
  • Use kohl or pencil liner for the smudge effect by using your finger to spread the effect.


Working With An Eyeshadow

My favorite thing and the most difficult too! It can help you make a success and failure. So be careful when you choose the color or clubbing up.

 Eyes shadow

Get along with some tips to use shadow:

  • Apply the base shadow using a soft brush all over the lid! This will help dark tones to bleed easily. Use neutral or white shade for this.
  • Use a white pencil outline for light makeup and brown for the dark over the lids touching the lashes making colors popping out effect.
  • Use a blotting paper to remove the excess and give the last touch up.


 Using a Mascara

The last but not the least, application of mascara can make all the tables turn. It is simple but can make your eyes look angelic with big eyelashes making the magic.

 Eyes mascara

Get along with some tips to use mascara:

  • Start from roots to the tips.
  • Do not swat but curl as your go up to avoid drying up of mascara and even application.
  • If using an eyelash curler, the use it while the mascara is semi wet and not dry.
  • The lower ones have to take good care. Place a tissue paper to avoid messing up.




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