Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Best Indian bridal makeup tips – Wedding is the special day where the bride needs to look her level best for the obvious reasons. You cannot take off your eyes from the bride on her big day. But in some cases due to lack of proper knowledge many brides fails to manage to look their best. Therefore, we are here to brush up your knowledge with the best Indian bridal makeup tips. You can follow these tips to shine throughout your big day.

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How To Pick Up Right Lipstick Shade

How to pick up right lipstick shade – There is no denying to the fact that different lipstick suits different complexions. With thousands of shades, gloss, stains etc. put on the makeup counter can create problem for you to select the right shade. A cosmetic shop is sure a vision in delight and all the pretty shades of lipstick can confuse the hell out of you. You might get tempt looking all those beautiful creations but you really need to choose the color that suits you. Here we will try our best to make you understand how to pick up right lipstick shade.

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Makeup Tips For Dark Indian Skin

Makeup tips for dark Indian skin – When it comes to look glamorous and beautiful many people still think that people with dark skin cannot do much with colors and makeup. Reason being Indians are in obsession with the fair skin. There is makeup for every skin color and you have to choose wisely for your skin tone. Right makeup can give you more glowing and beautiful look. Here we will let you know some of the beneficial makeup tips for dark Indian skin.

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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes – Looking for some tricks which could actually help you enhance your eyes? Whether it is your lashes or brows, we simply have adoration for this color. The Indian beauty is mostly lured for the brown eyes which are one of the best features as per many. People abroad have more wishes to have this color. We may die for other colors but in reality, if you won brown eyes, you have more horizon to discover as a girl. Thus we bring you makeup tips for brown eyes to enhance them. Read more

Best Lipstick Brands In India

Best Lipstick Brands in India– As they say ‘lips without lipstick are the cake without frosting’ , lipstick just add more charm to one’s looks. Lipsticks may not solve your problems but it’s definitely a good start. It is surely a vital part of every women’s makeup kit. Lipstick adds more charm to the personality of an individual. For most of girls, a swap to lipstick and little kajal do all about the makeup. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to out best lipstick on our lips. Read more

Best Makeup Products Brands in India

Best Makeup Products Brands in India– Girls! *Shh*Even the boys! Ain’t no denying the fact, makeup has everything to make you as beautiful as Cinderella or Brad Pit.  From hiding to those ugly scars to beaming blemishes, makeup has been like a soul sister and a life saviour for billions of people on this earth. We believe natural beauty surpasses everything but hey! You cannot deny that makeup can actually enhance the look more than just pretty well. Your every mood has the right option with great makeup techniques with dark hues to intense kohl; the cosmetic giants have introduced them to all. Read more