Best Multani Mitti Facepacks For Oily and Dry Skin

Best Multani Mitti Facepacks For Oily and Dry Skin- Have a confusion which brand to go which best suits your skin? Want that portable brand which can be your best companion when it comes to good facemasks? Face packs are an important regime which is to be followed regularly for a smooth finish and closing those openly vulnerable pores. When life is hectic and environment dusty, your skin needs more than just cleansing and toning which is good but cannot be seen as a good option for a long run.your skin needs more than this to get that perfect picture skin.

Have a problematic skin like oily and dry? We have a good solution for it! Multani Mitti was as known as fuller’s earth which is like nature’s gift for a beautiful skin. It is best described in ancient books and texts; Multani mitti is more of an essence for the skin. They have uncountable best features which are perfectly ideal for all skin types whether you are shiny oily, flaky dry, problematic sensitive or confusing combination, Multani mitti has it all in it to be a good face pack as well as mask which why we bring you tbest Multani mitti face packs for oily & dry skin. They have the quality which will transform your skin into a beautiful silk.

Top 10 Best Multani Mitti Facepacks For Oily and Dry Skin

Top 10 Multani Mitti Face packs for Oily & Dry skin

Mitti Se Aloe Mud Cleanser & Revitalizing Mask For Dry & Oily Skin

Mitti Se is a known brand of Multani mitti as base ingredients for its scrubbers, shampoo & conditioner, face pack etc which makes it the best in our list of top 10 best Multani mitti face packs for the oily & dry skin. This is ideal for oily skin but dry skin can also use it. Mitti Se Aloe Mud Cleanser & Revitalizing MaskThe features of this product are as follows.

  • It comes in a powdery form which can be easily used for making face packs ideal for all skin especially oily.
  • Multipurpose brand which can be potentially used for suntan facemasks, home remedial ingredient, and scrubbers.
  • It is very economical on the budget side with Rs 220 for 100 grams which have the capacity to stay long.
  • It is ideal for usage on babies and sensitive skin.
  • They have no parabens, chemicals, toxins or animal testing.
  • They are 100% organic and natural which is why it is suitable for all skin especially oily and if mixed with ingredients like curd, it can do miracles for dry skin as well.

 Banjara’s Multani with Sandal Facepack for Oily Skin

No doubt for this adorable ingredient! Multani mitti combined with sandalwood is like magic for your skin which will bless you with smooth toned and textured skin like a muddy spa at home. Thus, Banjara’s Multani with sandalwood is our pick for best top10 best multi mitti face packs for oily skin.Banjara’s Multani with Sandal Facepack

  • A very economic and affordable price tag of Rs 25 for 100 grams.
  • It is good or tightening loose skin and open pores.
  • It comes in a powdery form which can be mixed as per your needs of your skin for great results.
  • Dry skin can use it with milk or milk cream.
  • It makes the skin blemishes and dark spots away.
  • It keeps the skin pores clean and helps in creating pimples and blackheads.

 Himalaya Clarifying Mud Pack for Oily Skin

With best compliments from Herbal and Ayurvedic formulations, Himalaya Herbals is one of the best-known brands now. They have been known since decades for serving as a good beauty cosmetic brand which offers the quality of herbs and nature’s essence. Let’s read about its clarifying mud pack which is one of best fuller’s earth face pack for oily skin people.

Himalaya Clarifying Mud Pack

  • Ideal for oily skin and combination to oily skin.
  • They have a portable packaging.
  • A genuine price tag of Rs 123
  • It has ingredients like walnut and mineral clay.

Ayur Anti-Sun Tan Face Pack for Oily Skin

Ayur is an herbal brand which is best serving with good natural ingredients. A tough top contender in top 10 best Multani mitti face packs for oily skin, Ayur lives up to every of its claims very conveniently. An expert sun tan removal pack, it is more than just this, to know more about it, here are its features.

Ayur sun tan

  • It is ideal for oily and sensitive skin people.
  • Full of natural ingredients like Pudina, turmeric, and calamine powder etc.
  • It makes the skin beautiful, smooth and soft.
  • Repairs the skin from the sun damage.
  • An affordable price of Rs 35 for 100 grams.

 Aloe Veda Orange & Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan for Dry Skin

Aloe Veda is a reputed brand which specializes in Ayurvedic formulations. They have a factor of being a quality oriented product company which has adhered to its claims. Thus, we have its, orange & Multani mitti facial ubtan as our top 10 Multani mitti face pack for dry skin.Aloe Veda Orange & Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan

  • It is ideal for dry skin usage.
  • It is 100% pure and natural with finely grounded natural herbs, leaves, flowers, roots etc.
  • They are made by traditional hand grinders.
  • Being powdery, they are excellent scrubber & facemasks.
  • The price of 1 container is Rs 350.

Natural Healthplus Care: Natural Multani Mitti Powder for Oily & Dry Skin

Healthplus Care introduced a product which is natural Multani mitti powder which claims to have all the beneficial features what a good Multani mitti would do on your skin & it 5-star rating makes it one of the best fuller’s earth face pack  for oily and dry skin.Natural Healthplus Care: Natural Multani Mitti Powder

  • It helps in reducing acne, blemishes, and scars effectively.
  • The multi-utility product which can be used as a base ingredient as per your skin typeface pack preparation.
  • It has a good fragrance and does not irritate skin.
  • Makes the skin clear and smooth.

Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Facepack for Dry Skin

Fabindia is a brand which is rejoiced everywhere due to its good quality and natural based formulations.  They introduced Haldi Chandan mud face pack which has turmeric and sandalwood with fuller’s earth as their base ingredients grabbing a position for top 10 best multi mitti face packs for the oily & dry skin.Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Facepack

  • It comes at a price of Rs 200 for 100ml.
  • They have a paste form which is easy on application.
  • The paste makes the skin cleans and fresh for hours.
  • It is good for sensitive skin too.
  • Ideal for dry skin.

Patanjali Multani Mitti for Oily Skin

Patanjali needs no introduction. They are renowned for their natural ingredients which are ayurvedic based. They have been a quick choice for millions for their good quality in best fuller’s earth face pack for oily skin.Patanjali Multani Mitti

  • They have aloe vera and mineral clay as base ingredients.
  • The affordable price of Rs 60 .
  • They are easy on applying and mild on the face.
  • Dry skin can use it but not very dry skin which is to be followed for moisturizing.
  • Gets dry easily.

Herbi+ Multani Mitti Facepack for Dry Skin

Herbi+ is a good solution for a good Multani mitti aka fuller’s earth requirement which makes a good choice for oily & dry skin people for Multani mitti face pack.Herbi+ Multani Mitti Facepack

  • They help reduce blemishes, acnes, breakouts and blackheads
  • Gives the skin a healthy glow.
  •  It effectively removes dead skin cells.
  • Even outs the skin like a pro.
  • Ideal for oily and dry skin both.

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