How To Pick Up Right Lipstick Shade

How to pick up right lipstick shade – There is no denying to the fact that different lipstick suits different complexions. With thousands of shades, gloss, stains etc. put on the makeup counter can create problem for you to select the right shade. A cosmetic shop is sure a vision in delight and all the pretty shades of lipstick can confuse the hell out of you. You might get tempt looking all those beautiful creations but you really need to choose the color that suits you. Here we will try our best to make you understand how to pick up right lipstick shade.

How to choose the right lipstick shade


Every other day a new color joins the trend and people blindly follows it without taking their skin tone in consideration. Lipstick is one of the classic makeup accessories that not only add into your look but also add to your confidence for the good. Women who do not have much interest in wearing makeup can find picking up lipstick a daunting task.

Top tips to choose the right lipstick shade

Most of the times women buy some shades only to know that it isn’t suiting them at all. You might find a specific shade good on others but not on your skin tone because not every skin color is same. To get rid of this problem we have some  of the best tips for you so that you can shine in that perfect shade of your lipstick. Check out the below listed secrets to buy the best lip shade.

Determine the color of your skin

This is one of most crucial step in buying a lipstick. Different colors suit on different skin complexion. Colors like red , magenta, pink will complement the fair skin. Medium skin tone looks best with nude, true berry, cranberry etc. Whereas, dark skin is best suitable for the colors brown, dark beige etc.

Skin tones and undertones

Skin tone is important for buying the best lipstick but so is the undertone. Everyone either has warm undertone or a cool undertone. You can easily determine your skin tone by checking the color of your veins. If the color of your vein is green then you have a warm undertone. But if they appear blue then you have a cool undertone. You can choose any color shade after determining your undertone.

Notice how your skin reacts

Do you tan or burn easily out in the sun? Is your skin sensitive? If yes, then you need to buy the good quality lipstick that will not affect your skin. This is also an important thing to keep in mind while picking the lipstick. Lips are pretty much sensitive and they do not deserve to get damaged just because you bought a wrong lipstick.

Find the right color

When it comes to buy the lipstick do not forget to buy a two or three shades darker than the actual lip color. This is an effective way to buy the perfect shade. You can also opt another method of applying two different shades on the upper and lower lip. The one that will suit will go home with you.

Some other tips to buy the perfect shades

If the aforementioned did not help you to choose the best lip shade then below mentioned are some other tips to ponder on.

  • Try the lipstick before you buy it always.
  • Do not forget to remove the lip color before applying the next lip color.
  • Make sure that you are in a well lit area so that you can easily buy the lip color.
  • Try on the lipstick with little or literally no makeup on your face.
  • Do not match the lip color with your complete outfit.


Lipsticks undoubtedly add more beauty to your look. With so many tempting shades, it could be extremely difficult for anyone to choose a specific shade. The situation could be worse if you do not know how to pick up the right lipstick shade. Therefore, you can follow these tips to get the perfect lipstick and eventually the perfect look.

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