Best Selling Manicure Kit In India

Best Selling Manicure Kit In India – Looking for best Manicure kit in India? Okay! We cannot deny the fact that girls and women love their nails especially when they are long enough to fall in extreme love. Beautiful nails are a big desire and if they are long and beautifully structured, they are a priceless possession as you paint them red, black and blue & try to use your creativity to design a new art like Picasso. When you go to a beauty salon, one thing that strikes when it comes to nails is Manicure because it is that part which stays bare most of the time and works for most of the time which no one can deny! In this blog we are sharing some of the best manicure kit brands in India which you can trust.

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The worst notion about manicure as per a beauty expert is that people believe it as a feminine thing or a beautifying tool which is true but not completely. How? Manicure is a beautifying tool but majorly it is a cleansing process for your hands. It isn’t a feminine thing but a cleaning process for nails to be strong and in good condition. Here’s a list of best-selling manicure kit in India which are way more practical and have the qualities of a good manicure kit should have.

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What is Manicure? Why is it so important?

Manicure word has been derived from the French word manicure which means manus for ‘hands’ and ‘cura’ which means ‘care’ which together means “care for hands”. It is classified under cosmetic beauty treatments for hands and fingernails which include filling, shaping, pushing, clipping, massage and nail paint (for women). Thus, in short, manicure cleanses the hands which trap a lot of germs for you as well get a relief filled massage to strengthen the muscles and nails.

Your hands have so many dead skin cells, brittle nails & microbes which become a feeding ground for many bacteria. You may wash your hands with good soap or with a sanitizer but the small tiny microbes still get sick to our skin of fingernails. Your hands face millions of bacteria and germs every day and if you are constant on laptops and computer then you face germs equal to a toilet seat and it’s more disgusting to even think. Washing only cleans from the outer side but some are still trapped which needs a special care. Even men need it; the nails of men are more prone to brittle, unstructured & yellow nails which have back dirt visible.

Manicure for men and women

Top Selling Manicure Kit In India | Best Brands for Manicure Kit Generation

Owning a Manicure kit is the best way of having a good treatment for hands at home. So, we bring you some of the best selling manicure kits available in India which give you a good quality finish and durability.

Lotus Crystal SPA Relaxing Lavender Pedicure Manicure Kit

Lotus Crystal SPA Relaxing Lavender Pedicure Manicure KitLotus is a brand which has been cherishing lives with its herbal ingredients and formulations which make it to the list of best-selling manicure kit in India of all time. This is a kit for legs and hands fingernails. Let us read its feature which makes a good manicure kit to look for.

  • It contains botanical extracts which help smooth and nourishes the nails.
  • Full of herbs like lavender oil, avocado, jojoba & honey with milk.
  • It is an anti-depressant and anti-bacterial with good oxidant property.
  • Strengthen nails and make hands and feet soft with good fragrance to accompany.
  • It is available at the price of Rs 1,437.

VLCC Pedicure Manicure Hand and Foot Care KitVLCC Pedicure Manicure Hand and Foot Care Kit

VLCC set high benchmarks with its beauty treatments and professionalism which saw a good popularity. This multi-brand is one of the best-selling manicure kit in India which is being adored everywhere. With Beauty experts at work and quality product, it is a great thing to invest in.

  • The best part of it, it comes at an economical price of Rs 475 if compared to others.
  • Good mild fragrance.
  • It has a tan removal pack for hand and legs too.
  • It cleanses, exfoliates & nourishes the nails and skin without over drying them.
  • It more safe, hygienic and convenient to use rather spend hundreds on a useless salon treatment.

Handheld Pedi Mate

Handheld Pedi MateHandheld offers a good 18 piece top selling manicure kit in India which is a quality product and easy on usage and effective on the skin while removing those dead skin cells and trapped dirt. Want to know more? Here are its features which can lure you.

  • The pieces are easy handy handled.
  • They are stainless as well easy to use by adults and children,
  • They are durable and have the perfect sharpness for manicure process of shaping, clipping & filing.
  • They have been a good choice for professionals and home use due to its good results.
  • Smooths the rough brittle edges and keep them in good shape with the removal of dirt.

Red Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Set

One kit which has everything your manicure session needs toRed Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Set complete, Red Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Set in India is a best-selling manicure kit which is more professional to what it delivers. Read more about this kit.

  • A professional range of whopping 10 stainless steel pieces.
  • A good packaging of the leather case which can be a good gifting option.
  • It gives effective trimming, exfoliating & smooth effective results.
  • A highly quality and quantitative beauty tool kit.

3 Swords Germany 8-Piece Manicure & Pedicure Kit

3 Swords Germany 8-Piece Manicure & Pedicure Kit3 Swords have been very much popular for its good workmanship & high-quality action steel work especially for razors as they give smooth results and no bloodshed. There is no doubt it had to place as one of the best-selling manicure pedicure kit in India and worldwide. Know more about it.

  • It contains a packaging of 8 quality manicure tools.
  • A good attractive packaging of a black leather case.
  • Also available in 10 piece-sets, 16 piece-sets & 18 piece-sets.
  • It is well suitable for the manly people.
  • Affordable investment on a kit which offers good durability with high quality for usage.


There are several brands available in India. It has been seen that in India people get confused in choosing the right brand. So there are some of the brands we are listing which you can choose accordingly.

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