Top Selling Face Masks In India

Top Selling Face Masks In India – Skin needs a lot of pampering to make them more appealing & youthful in the long run. You need to cleanse, lighten, tighten & moisturize etc constantly to keep the skin routine at an utmost good but then the market if flooded with a variety of solutions for each. What if all this is in one product! So in this blog we are going to share one of the best facial masks in India of top brands of 2015-2016. Which you can trust and get best products.

Best facial mask in India

The earliest and best-recommended skin regime is known to be face masks which have all the tricks to give your skin the beauty boost it needs. The best part of facial mask that they are available for all types of skin type & skin issues. Confused what face masks to have? We present you with top selling face masks in India.Top selling facemasks in India

How are facemasks beneficial for your skin?

  • They help you achieve a healthy skin.
  • They clear the dead cells.
  • Refines pores as well as minimizes their size visibly.
  • Evens the skin tone
  • Hydrates the skin by locking moisture deep into the skin epidermis.
  • Improves elasticity.
  • Opens up clogged pores.
  • Lightens & tightens fine lines and other signs of aging.
  • Improves skin tone & texture by curing pigmentation.
  • Helps in the production of collagen fight free radicals.
  • Controls sweat and oil glands.
  • It can be helpful in getting rid of facial hair.

Benefits from these facemasks are endless and are available for every skin type and problem. They work wonder like for the skin without any doubt.Best selling facemasks in India

Top Selling facial masks in India (2015-2016)

Have a problematic skin? No worries! Get in touch with the best brands of face masks available in India. Below mentioned face masks are suitable for all skin types. So if you have oily skin or dry skin or pimples problem and want right product. Then choose accordingly which are listed below.

Wild Ferns Rotorua Mud Face Mask

Wild Ferns Rotorua Mud Face Mask

It is one of the most used face mask of world. Wild Ferns is a international brand which is known for providing quality Rotorua mud face mask. It may be a foreign brand but most people of India loves to purchase the products which is manufactured by this brand. We can also say that this brand is also in the list of top 10 face mask brands of India.

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Freeman face masks:

Freeman is an international trusted brand when it comes to face masks. With more than 10+ facemask types, it is undoubtedly the best selling facemask brand in India. The best of it range are Freeman Clay mask with Avocado and Oatmeal, Freeman Clay Mask with Mint and lemon, Freeman Facial Anti-Stress mask Dead Sea Minerals  & Freeman Clay mask with chocolate and strawberry etc.

Freeman face masks

  • These face masks are well known to pull out impurities from the clogged pores, minimizes their appearance and cures issues like blackheads, pimples, acnes etc.
  • They give a natural glow, radiant and healthy skin.
  • It is available for all skin types ranging from dry to oily, combinations to sensitive and both.
  • They are ideal as they are filled with essential ingredients and nutrients which are good for healthy skin maintenance.

Himalaya Herbals Facemasks:

Himalaya Herbals Face masks

One of the best-selling face mask brands in India is of Himalaya, which is best known to use herbal and Ayurvedic combinations to give your skin the best nature like treatment. Filled with natural extracts, the best of its masks are Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face pack which is enriched with the goodness of neem & turmeric.

  • Himalaya fairness Face pack is another product which is a boon for the oily, tanned and the constant travelling lovers.
  • Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Face pack which is best for combination to oily skin.
  • They come in a portable packaging which makes it handy to carry with a genuine price tag.

Ayur Anti-sun Tan Face pack:

Ayur is widely known to use natural ingredients. Affordable pricing and quantity make it a top contender in best-selling face masks in India for millions of its user. This product is best suitable for Oily and sensitive skin. The product is enriched with natural ingredients like turmeric, Multani mitti, pudhina & kaolin powder.

Ayur Anti-sun Tan Face pack

  • It claims top remove tan effectively and has stood up to its claims with the help of its active ingredients which helps you get a skin which is beautiful, smooth and soft.
  • Ayur Anti Sun Tan Face Pack also repairs the damage from the sun considerably.

Khadi Mauri Clay based facemask:

Khadi Mauri Clay based face mask

It is a reputed brand which India based company best known for its use of organic and non-Parabens usage within its ingredients. Khadi Mauri clay facemask is like an Ayurvedic medicine for the undernourished skin by providing nutrients. It is ideal for oily skin types as it helps in controlling the production of oil in the sebum which is a cure for many of its related problems like breakouts, pimples etc. it blesses the skin with a cleaner, softer, nourished and glowing skin.

Lotus Herbals Facemasks:

Lotus is a widely used brand and is one the top brands of facemasks in the Indian market, which is an organic-based company. The best facemasks of Lotus are

  • Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clarifying face pack.
  • Lotus Herbals Clay White Black Clay Skin Whitening face pack
  • Lotus Herbals White Glow Yogurt Skin Whitening and Brightening Masque etc.

Lotus Herbals Face masks

They are best known to use organic ingredients and do not give a greasy or over drying effect on the skin which is a plus point. They reduce pigmentation and spots, cleanses the skin giving you a beautiful & manageable skin.

Ever Youth naturals Face pack :

Ever Youth is widely known for its face masks with the best sale of in India. The best of its products for facemasks are- Ever Youth Cucumber Face pack which is endowed with the goodness of cucumber, neem, lemon & turmeric, this product is best known to treat premature aging & remove toxins.

Ever Youth naturals Face pack

  • They help fight pimples, acnes and blemishes with lightening & brightening the skin.
  • The other face pack which is popular is Ever Youth naturals Golden Glow Peel off mask which works as a mask to impart facial glow and comes in an inexpensive package.
  • This one is not ideal for sensitive skin due to it fragrance on the application.
Jovees Facemasks:

Jovees Face masks

Jovees is a known herbal cosmetic brand when it comes to best-selling face masks in India. With the power of herbs and science, they produce products which are effective and good to use. The best face mask products of Jovees are- Jovees Active Protein Youth Facepack & Jovees Insta Fair Liquorice Clay pack. They make the skin youthful by the renewal of cells, improving texture etc.


Face packs are used to bring radiant glow in your face. They are important to maintain the health of the skin. It is not only beneficial for girls but for boys too. Above listed are the best face packs available in India of years 2015 & 2016.

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