How To Use Baby Cream

How To Use Baby Cream – A baby cream is used for providing moisture and hydration to the skin of babies. It will make your baby’s skin softer and smoother. Baby creams are made up of special ingredients which will take maintain the moisture levels in baby’s skin. Here we will tell you about the steps on how to use baby cream effectively.

How To Use Baby Cream

Baby creams are specially formulated for the sensitive skin of the babies. A baby cream contains some special ingredients for protecting the baby’s skin against harsh climatic conditions. It will also prevent the harmful sun rays from penetrating the baby skin.

Best Steps On How To Use Baby Cream

Following are the steps on how to use baby creams. Just follow these steps in order to make your baby’s skin perfect.

Step 1

Firstly, you should wash your baby’s face with special baby soap. It is advised to use a soap which is recommended by the child specialist doctors. Use lukewarm water for washing the baby’s face. Make sure that the soap should not enter your baby’s eyes as it may cause irritation.

Step 2

After proper cleansing of your baby’s face, you should pat dry your baby face with a clean towel. Use a soft textured towel for drying the face of your baby. It is advised to give a soft hand touch to your babies as their skin is delicate.

Step 3

Now, the skin of your baby is ready for applying a cream. You should apply good quality and clinically tested cream for babies. Just take a small amount of cream at your hands and massage it over your baby face. Apply the cream slowly onto the babyface in a circular motion. It will properly hydrate and moisturize the skin of babies leaving their face soft and glowing.

List Of Best Baby Creams In India

  • Botty Barrier Cream Fragrance-Free
  • Sebamed Baby Cream
  • Himalaya Herbals Baby Cream
  • Curatio Atogla Cream
  • Johnson’s Baby Milk Cream
  • Chicco Natural Sensation Baby Face Cream
  • MamaEarth Milky Soft Face Cream For Babies
  • Pigeon Baby Cream


Baby creams are important baby care products that are required for maintaining smoothness at the baby’s face. It is better to use any one of the above-mentioned baby creams as all are of the best quality. It will give your baby’s face a clear and fresh look.

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