How to Use Botty Barrier Cream

How to Use Botty Barrier Cream – The skin of the babies is sensitive as well as delicate. Nappy rash problems are common in case of children as their skin is so soft and it develops rashes frequently on wearing of nappy pads or diapers. There are special botty barrier creams for the treatment of nappy rashes. We will tell you about how to use botty barrier cream for your babies.

How to Use Botty Barrier Cream

Made4baby botty barrier cream is a very fine product in the range of baby products. This product is perfect for healing your baby’s skin from the infections and itchy rashes.

How to Use Botty Barrier Cream

The botty barrier cream will act as a barrier at your baby’s skin and will prevent it from rashes and redness that is developed by wearing nappy pads on a regular basis. You should apply this cream in the following steps.

  • Step 1 – First of all, you should properly clean the affected area of your baby’s skin. Wash it with lukewarm water or simply plain water before applying the botty barrier cream. Cleaning the affected area will remove the extra dirt present there. It is better to use gentle wipes for your baby’s skin.
  • Step 2 – If you have washed the baby’ skin with lukewarm water, then you should pat dry the skin with a soft and clean towel. You can also use a clean piece of cotton cloth for making the baby’s skin dry. It will make the skin ready for the application of botty barrier cream.
  • Step 3 – You should also wash your hands properly to apply the cream on your baby’s skin. Apply a small quantity of the botty barrier cream on your baby’s skin. It will protect your baby’s skin against harmful infections as well as itching problems.
  • Step 4 – Make your baby wear clean clothes after applying the botty barrier cream. In this way, your baby’s skin will heal faster.

List Of Best Baby Botty Barrier Cream In India

  • Made4Baby Natural Botty Barrier Cream
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm
  • Magic Stick Magic Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment, Clear
  • Cetaphil With Organic Calendula


Hope we have provided here the complete information about how to use a botty barrier cream. Made4Baby natural botty barrier cream is a perfect blend of natural and organic ingredients which will not cause any harm to your baby’s skin. It is free of chemicals, harsh ingredients, parabens, etc. You can use this cream on your baby’s delicate skin. It will heal those nappy rashes in a better way.

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