Wild Ferns Rotorua Mud Face Pack with Active Manuka Honey

Whether you have oily or dry skin, it is necessary to choose the right face mask for your skin which suits your face and skin in a better manner. Many people choose the opposite face mask from their skin which affects badly. So today we would like to suggest a suitable face mask for your skin which moisturize and refresh your face. Let’s know about Rotorua Mud Face Pack with Manuka Honey.

This face mask is an ultimate therapy for your skin. This face pack contain irrefutably the most extreme substance of Rotorua’s geothermal mud in its most perfect form and are improved with Active AAH650+ Manuka honey. The mud is rich, smooth and enriched with concentrated natural minerals to make it amazingly restorative just as detoxifying, cleansing, purifying and furthermore remineralising. When it is mixed with the strong antibacterial and antioxidant agent properties of Manuka honey, it perfectly clean your skin and restore your face tone and vitality so your complexion is always look refreshed and revived.

The Rotorua Mud Face Pack has the amazing advantages of Rotorua Mud and Manuka Honey. Rotorua Mud Face Pack, fully rich with minerals and works on your skin as a best natural cleanser. It drag out the extra oil and impurities from your skin. Manuka Honey contains nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and catalysts that works on skin feeling hydrated and soothed. Purifying, hydrating and soothing your skin is the main features of this face mask.


How to use:

Rotorua Mud Face Packs must be applied on a clean skin. Apply equitably to the face maintaining a strategic distance from the eye zone and staying away from the mouth and hairline. Sit and wait for around 10 – 15 minutes while the face pack dries and draws out skin impurities. It will begin to feel tight and will step by step help in shading as it dries. When it is a mottled light and dull dark it is ready to wash. Try not to allow it to dry to a total light grey or white shading. Spritz your skin with warm water to help with the simple removal of the pack. Wash off with water or a smooth wet towel. For dry skin utilize once at regular intervals. For ordinary skin use once every week. On oily skin it can benefit from a face pack two times each week.

This complete Face Pack with Manuka Honey from the Rotorua Mud range uses the powerful antibacterial and nourishing properties of warm mud and Manuka honey to revive and refresh your skin. The warm mud utilized in this Face Pack has been sourced from the focal North Island city of Rotorua in New Zealand. As an outcome of coming into contact with the hot gasses and minerals from deep inside the earth it is wealthy in regenerative minerals like Sulfur, Silica, Aluminum and Zinc.

Whenever it is applied on your skin, the Rotorua Mud Face Pack is extremely absorbent and effectively enters down to the pores of the skin to retain greasy secretions and to recharge essential lost minerals. The zinc, silica and aluminum specifically assume a basic job in tissue reestablishment and in scar fix and repair. As the geothermal mud dries into a cake like surface it soak up the extra oil and pollution from our skin. The existence of sulfur and included Active AAH650+ Manuka Honey works as an antiseptic that will help in the expulsion of microscopic organisms and represses and kill skin inflammation. After drying the Rotorua mud also produces heat that helps with expanding blood flow and its circulation that can assist the skin with disposing of waste and toxins. When the Face Mask dries, you gently wash it off with warm water to let the pollution from deep inside your skin essentially cascade away.

You can attain a renewed tone and face complexion with the Rotorua Mud Face Pack with Manuka Honey. It contains a large quantity of geothermal mud of any skincare item in the Rotorua Mud range to successfully remove the impurities and revive your skin.

Advantages of Rotorua Thermal Mud:

rotoura mud facepack

  • Cleansing – It Gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin.
  • Relaxing – Rotorua’s Thermal Mud skin therapy provide an amazing feeling of mildness.
  • Detoxifying – After the rotorua mud is applied,  it dries and creates a layer which increases the temperature of your skin. This heat uplift the blood circulation and blood flow which drag out the toxins and impurities present on your skin and make the skin refreshed and clean.

Features of Manuka Honey:

  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Reduces redness of the skin.
  • Soothing, hydrating and calming.

As we know the mud treatment and mud baths have been famous from the numerous  years. It is accepted that mud has calming properties, so absorbing mud and its minerals can heal the muscle pain and aches. Furthermore, because of these mineral properties, Rotorua Thermal Mud is known to profoundly scrub and detoxify your skin.


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